Managing Climate Grief in 3 Easy Steps

This week on Terra Informa, we discuss climate grief; a term that has increasingly entered into the public awareness. We’ll take a look at what climate grief is and how it can manifest, then listen to advice from life coaches and personal instructors Sarah Connor and Michael James on how to cope.

Sarah Connor and Michael James with the Rebel Life Project shared their presentation at the October 2019 Change for Climate Talks with three simple, but not so easy steps for managing climate grief. 

Their advice: 

  1. Figure out your purpose.
  2. Eat, sleep, and exercise.
  3. Make a plan
We’ll hear from Terra Informers Sonak Patel, Andrea Miller, and Elizabeth Dowdell as they share thoughts on the talk, put this advice into practice, and cope with climate grief.

If you're feeling climate grief, visit our website for a list of resources related to this episode.

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