News Roundup June 2020

A deep-dive into recent environmental news headlines from Alberta and introduction to the relationship between racism and environmental issues.

This week Terra Informa debuts a new show format we're calling a 'News Roundup'. Very original title, no? We do in-depth coverage and a little bit of Terra Informa opinion-piece on major environmental news headlines from Alberta. Listen to find out why we wanted to make these specific news episodes, and learn about changes in Alberta Parks and public land management, the suspension of environmental monitoring requirements for the Alberta energy sector, and what the new Critical Infrastructure Defense Act means for local environmentalists looking to demonstrate their dissent through public protest.

Speaking of public protest, in response to Black Lives Matter demonstrations taking place across the United States, Canada, and many other countries, we take some time in this episode to connect the dots between environmental issues and systemic oppression. Here is a list of Anti-Racist Environmental Resources we compiled and used in this episode, and as part of our ongoing learning.

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