De-extinction Revisted

This week, we're re-airing an archive episode about de-extinction from 2019, created by Sofia Osborne.

We're on a break this month! So this week, we're re-airing one of our favourite archive episodes produced by Terra Informa alum, Sofia Osborne. 

Sofia brings us a story about de-extinction: the use of selective breeding, cloning, and genetic engineering to “resurrect” extinct species. This technology poses a lot of moral and ethical questions—would these “de-extincted” animal species be authentic? Could they ever be wild? Do we owe it to the species we’ve driven to extinction to bring them back? And who should decide whether we use this technology?

Extra resources suggested by Sofia:
Download the program log here.

Make sure to tune in next week, when we air a special episode of the podcast Beyond Blathers, produced by Sofia and another Terra Informa alum, Olivia deBourcier!

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