Weekly News Report for October 20, 2009

Coal Fired Plant Secures $779M for Carbon Capture, Taxpayers Fund TransAlta Plan to Retrofit Keephills 3

Source: Archie Mclean, Edmonton Journal

The Alberta and federal governments will pump$779 million into a carbon capture and storage facility west of the city, the second time in two weeks Ottawa and the province have committed to such a project.The money will be used to help TransAlta retrofit its Keephills 3 coal-fired generation plant with technology it says will capture and bury up to one million tonnes of CO2 per year

Canada wasting ‘potential’ energy efficiency
Peter O’Neil, Calgary Herald

Canada, despite being among the top western industrialized countries when it comes to advancing energy efficiency measures, still falls short in several areas and lacks a coherent national plan to reduce energy waste, a global agency said here Thursday.

The International Energy Agency said Canada ranks near the top among its 28 member states in promoting or legislating stricter efficiency measures for highways, cars and trucks, household appliances, industrial plans and buildings.

Farmers venturing into brave new world of carbon markets; Provincial programs transforming industry

Source: Jason Fekete, Calgary Herald, Oct 18

Like thousands of other Alberta farmers, MacFarquhar is no longer just growing wheat, barley and canola.

They’re now producing provincially sanctioned carbon credits–and cashing in while doing it–with science as the foundation for the bustling new industry that’s emerging in Alberta’s farming community.

The government-approved techniques are opening up a slew of new business opportunities.

But they’re also uncorking questions about the legitimacy of the science behind it and just how effective the practices really are in reducing greenhouse gases.

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