Occupations of MP’s Offices for Climate Justice


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On Wednesday the 25th, activists staged a sit-in at the office of federal labour minister Rona Ambrose. The ten people were members of Citizens for Climate Justice. They remained in Ambrose’s Edmonton office for seven hours demanding action on climate change from the Harper government. At the end of the day police moved in and charged the activists with trespassing. While the sit-in was still underway, Alex Caldararu (of CJSR’s Rise Up Radio Wednesdays @ 530pm) spoke to the Martin Tweedale, one of the activists inside Ambrose’s office. Sam Power brings us this awesome piece.

Gateway article titled: Protesters ask Ambrose for green industry

Citizens for Climate Justice on Flickr

Gordon Howell, a professional engineer with Howell-Mayhew engineering and has been highly involved with the development of residential solar energy in Alberta, and is involved with the recent net-zero homes in Riverdale and Millcreek. On November 21st, he met with the Edmonton Community League to explain how to convert the community halls around Edmonton into Net Zero buildings. Terra Informa correspondent Andy Read was there to listen in and brings us this segment.

Edmonton Solar Energy Society

Jade Gregg who has caught up with some of the active participants in the Hanlon Creek Business Park occupation. This occupation is resistance to a proposed destruction of some 675 acres of mixed wild land, old growth forest, wetlands, all a great part of the Paris-Galt Moraine in Guelph.

Myles writes this week in our blog, on the recent nuclear deal between Canada and India and why that sets an unnerving precedent for Canada going into Copenhagen as well as essentially exporting the possibility of global environmental catastrophe.


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