Copenhagen Special #1



VOTE forCOP15 Villains & Heroes

In the lead up to the Copenhagen Climate change conference, how to cut carbon emissions has dominated the discussions in national parliaments around the world. In Australia, the issue has led to a major remake of the conservative opposition party, deeply divided philosophically over whether to support the government’s emissions trading scheme. Our Senior Australian correspondent, David Kaczan, brings you the details.

The first week of negotiations in Copenhagen have seen threats of developing nations walking out, tens of thousands of people rallying in the streets, concerns that greenhouse gas reductions won’t be enough…  but also optimism. There was relief that major heads of state will be attending and hope that just maybe, a meaningful agreement can be reached. To find out how things have been going, our corespondent Steve Andersen spoke with one of the members of the Canadian Youth Delegation.

“Helping keep the ambassadors under control in Copenhagen is the Canadian Youth Delegation, which has been pushing Canada’s negotiators to support a science-based approach to climate change. Every day the CYD released a podcast on their website.The podcast featured on this weeks Terra Informa is called 100,000 people in the streets of Copenhagen

“The holidays are fast approaching, and Christmas carols are playing everywhere you go.  This week several of Edmonton’s Raging Grannies put a radical twist on some of the old classics.  But before the singing starts, Terra Informa correspondent Rebecca Rooney brings us part of a discussion she had with the group about how the Grannies began, and what keeps them going.”

COP15 has brought together over 192 countries and the positions and ideas they are advocating vary from hardcore climate change skeptics to progressive multilateralism. We here at Terra Informa want to know what you think of the different countries negotiating at Copernican. Take part in our COP15 villains and hero’s poll. Read up on the countries positions and place your vote or even nominate a candidate for the categories of Most Progressive, Biggest Obstructionist, Best Leadership, Least Ambitious, Most Collaborative as well as many others. So vote for Terra Informas COP15 Villains and hero’s and then listen in again the week after the conference to hear the results



VOTE forCOP15 Villains & Heroes

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