Copenhagen Round Up & the Raging Grannies


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The Edmonton contingent of the Raging Grannies stop by the studio to talk to Rebekah about how they got started, why being a Raging Granny is where it´s at, and the importance of activism. And to get you in the right mood for the holidays, they even sing their own versions of a few Christmas classics.

The UN climate change talks in Copenhagen have end and for a last look at how things went, here’s the Canadian Youth Delegation’s (CYD) take on things. Here is the CYD with

COP Podcast #13: What matters now is that everyone is holding their leaders accountable so they can’t compromise the planet and the survival of developing nations

Last week we asked you vote on Copenhagen’s Green Villains and Heroes, to tell us how Canada and the rest of the world were doing at COP15. Well, we got quite a response, thanks for your participation! Here’s the results. Terra Bloga looks at the results of the poll and examines the evils and virtues of COP15 in a new post.

The Villains

Least Ambitious

Russia 42%

Canada 37%


China 5%

Most Self Serving

Canada 75%

Saudi Arabia 15%

Australia 10%

Biggest Obstructionist

Government of Canada 52%

USA 28%

Internet Hackers 16%

Australian Senate & Liberal Party 4%

The Heroes

Most Collaborative (most effected standing up for their futures)

Association of Small Island States 44%

African Union 44%

Aspiring Carbon Neutral Countries 13%

Most Progressive(constant fight for climate justice)

Maldives 45%

Tuvalu 25%

Brazil 15%

Ecuador 15%

Best leadership(future path)

COP15 Activists 56%

Maldives 28%

Brazil 17%


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  1. I just came across this blog this morning and I thank you for tallying up the results of the impact of COP15. Canada should really be doing better on this scale; however, they are holding back and waiting for the states to make our decicions for us. Sad really…

  2. The Grannies are great — all over the world! If you’re interested in their work, take a look at our new documentary — “Raging Grannies: The Action League,” about a Raging Grannies gaggle on the SF Bay Area Peninsula. These women do not go quietly into old age! They inspire us with their dedication to social justice. Winner 2009 National Mature Media Merit Award. Available for both institutional and home use.

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