The Day The Earth Moved

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This Week Alex Hindle host’s and Jade Gregg brings us a weekly news summary.

Earth’s General Store, a long-time Edmonton shopping destination for the environmentally conscious, began it’s move into it’s new location at 9605 Whyte Ave.  But store owner, Micheal Kalamanovich doesn’t like doing anything the conventional way, so he sent out a call for winter cyclists to help move the store’s inventory to the new location by bicycle!  The bicycle convoy took place on Sunday January 10th.  Terra Informa correspondent Rebekah Rooney participated in the event, being called “the day the earth moved… by bicycle.” Today, she shares with us what happened. For more information about Earth’s General Store, and to keep track of when things are open, check out their website (

The ever intriguing Garry the Garbage Guy is back in studio with Steve Andersen to tell us why education programs are such a big part of what Edmonton´s Waste Management Branch does. Garry also highlights the programs and tours that are available to the public on a wide range of recycling topics.

Edmonton Waste Management Departments website on recycling.

In an interview from 2008 Steve Andersen talks to Dr Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria, a lead author for the United Nations´ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the action needed at a federal level.

This week On Coming soon on Terra Bloga Myles Curry takes a look at the recent Joint Review Panel approvals for the Mackenzie Valley Gas Project and how they trade off arctic ecosystems to appease American distaste for the dirty oil of the Alberta tarsands.

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