Sea Shepherd, the Revolution Wear fashion show, and Everyone´s Downstream 3

Terra Informa January 18 2010 (Download & Listen Here)

Terra Informa January 18 2010 (Download & Listen Here)

This week Rebekah brings us the news and here are the headlines and links.

On January 14th, the olympic torch made its way through Edmonton, but not all who gathered in Churchill Square at the end of the relay route were there to celebrate.  The Vancouver Media Coop reported that dozens of protestors were also in attendance, chanting slogans including “Homes not Games” and “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land.”  3 protestors were detained by police, but were later released without charges.

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The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games claim of the 2010 olympics will be the “greenest ever.”

Science Daily reported that a new study may help explain a dramatic increase in atmospheric methane concentrations that occurred millenia ago.

India is holding public meetings on genetically modified food crops .  The meetings commence following the commercial release of a genetically modified eggplant amid a storm of opposition.  The eggplant has been genetically modified to resist pests using genetic material from a soil bacteria.


A dangerous and high stakes game of cat and mouse is played out every Antarctic summer season. The Japanese whaling fleet partakes in an annual hunt of approximately 1000 whales, however it is pursued by an environmental group called the Sea Shephard. Last week the environmentalists lost a high speed trimaran after a collision with a harpoon ship, yet they vow to continue putting up a fight. Terra Informa takes a look at the past and present of the whaling issue. What does international law say on the issue? Who are the protesters? are they acting irresponsibly or courageously and will they succeed in their goal??

Jade takes a look at Rev Wear (Revolution Wear. Check out some of the pictures here, here and here. The facebook group mentioned in the show can be found here.

This past weekend, the third annual Everyone’s Downstream conference, put on by was held in Edmonton. It looks into the impacts of the Alberta tar sands and brings together members of effected communities. But attendees weren’t just from Alberta. There were people from Quebec who were concerned about pipelines in their communities. Others from Toronto were fighting the Royal Bank for it’s enormous investments in the tar sands. And people from BC were worried about the super tanker traffic that a proposed new port would bring. Across the country, everyone was being effected by some aspect of the tar sands. To find out more, Steve Andersen talked to Warner Naziel of the Wet’suwet’en [wit-soo-it-en] Nation on the BC coast about what’s happening in his community.

Terra Informa January 18 2010 (Download & Listen Here)


  1. While I found your story of the crash of the new Sea Shepherd trimaran (Terra Informa, Jan 18, 2010) interesting and informative, it was incorrectly referred to as a “jet boat” several times during the broadcast. The trimaran is in fact a bio-diesel fueled, twin engine with twin screws (propellers). Formerly the “Earthrace”, this vessel set the world record for circumnavigating the earth in June 2008 ( Source:, before coming into service with the Sea Shepherd group. A jet boat is far more maneuverable than the conventional drive arrangement of this vessel and would likely have been able to avoid such a collision.

    1. Thanks for alerting us of this error of language on our part. I had no idea about the boats history before its fatefull dimise. we appreciate you continuing the disscussion and hope to hear from you again soon. Thanks for listening.

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