Terra Informa April 06, 2010: Green Homes and Communities

Terra Informa 06, 2010 (download & listen online)

Riverdale Net Zero in Edmonton a Habitat Studio and Workshop project

This weeks selection of environmental news headlines.

Poll: Albertans least worried about water quality By PETER ZIMONJIC (Edmonton Sun)

Ottawa follows U.S. lead on fuel-efficiency standards for new cars (Globe & Mail)

Tories accused of hiding new environment rules in budget bill (Toronto Star)

ATCO Gas Opens New Environmentally Friendly Operations Center (market wire)

Obama’s disastrous offshore oil drilling plan dooms polar bears (allvoices.com)

Democracy Now! video coverage on Obama Plan to Lift Moratorium on Offshore Drilling

There is a rapidly growing trend in environmentally-conscious circles to seek the help of local community leagues. While many are stretched for resources and support, they are invaluable hubs of innovation, creativity, and openness, and Edmonton is no different; Marcus investigates the Edmonton Federation of Community LeaguesGreen Challenge program and some of the city’s amazing projects designed to empower and transform neighborhoods.

In Canada, the heating of our buildings accounts for about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Although we think that our cold climate necessitates the use of all this energy, in fact at least half, and probably much more, could be saved by building efficient, highly insulated buildings that take full advantage of the sun’s radiation in winter. If well designed, these houses are also cooler in summer.  However, cutting energy use by 50% is not enough for some. This week, Terra Informa speaks to a builder and company director whose new houses strive to be completely carbon neutral. Peter Amerongen, works for Habitat Studio and Workshop, a company specialising in energy efficient construction. His recent projects in Alberta are showing that it’s possible to build green, even in a very cold climate. David Kaczan chatted to Peter about his work and his thoughts on how Canadians should be building their houses in the future.

Next up is a new feature to Terra Informa but a regular feature here in Edmonton on CJSR, The Bicycle Traffic Report with Carly Colemen.  Steve Anderson Catches up with Carly to give you an introduction to the segment and talk about the high cost of free parking.

The High Cost of Free Parking: By Ryan McGreal of www.raisethehammer.org

The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald C. Shoup (pdf)

Terra Informa 06, 2010 (download & listen online)

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