Revolution Wear Fashion Show 2010 & Great Bear Lake Science Short

Terra Informa April 11, 2010(Download Here)

This week, Rebekah Rooney interviews Louise Chavarie about her research into diversity among the trout of Great Bear Lake and what a warming climate will mean for them. Jade brings us an update from the folks at Revolution Wear, a student-run fashion show at McMaster University that focuses on sustainability and social awareness and aims to reuse everything. Plus we’ve got the first in a new series we’re calling Eco Babble. Each week we’ll cut through the jargon to bring you the meaning of environmental terms that aren’t always that clear. First Andy Read brings us a selection of the weeks environmental headlines.

Tories failing on own oilsands report card By Kelly Cryderman, Calgary Herald

Regulations to kill zero-emission myth: Pollution from electricity source will be counted By Nicolas Van Praet, Financial Post

Ontario to spend $8 billion on renewable energy By Tim Weis (The Pembina Institute)

Court told of ‘upset’ at Syncrude mine: Bitumen recovery levels varied in weeks before ducks perished: reports By Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal

Science shorts are a recurring segment hosted by Rebekah Rooney. This week, Rebekah brings us a brand new Science Short where she interviews PhD. student Louise Chavarie about her research on Lake Trout in Canada’s Largest Freshwater Lake. Great Bear Lake is the largest lake that’s fully within out borders and the 7th largest in the world. It’s situated in the Northwest Territories, where it straddles the Arctic Circle. Louise and Rebekah discuss the contribution of lake trout to the diversity of the lake, and the dangers the lake faces in light of a warming arctic.

This week, Jade Gregg brings us another revolution wear special. She caught up with Rose Gowling in Hamilton, Ontario. Gowling was the music director and choreographer of this year’s Revolution Wear fashion show which works to promote environmental sustainability.

RevWear is an idea, an action, a lifestyle, a tool, a means to an ends, a starting point, a movement, a vehicle, a message, part of something much bigger, the embodiment of love and passion, freedom and creativity. It is whatever you make of it and is as powerful as you allow it to be. It tears at definitions and replaces them with questions. RevWear creates beauty from the abject using signifiers of consumer culture to deconstruct the machine. (RevWear 2010 Facebook)

This week Terra Informa introduces a new series, Eco Babble. Each week we’ll take a look a different environmental term and how it’s used, misused, or misunderstood. Today Rebekah explains the complexity behind a word we’re all familiar with. So, here’s Terra Informa’s resident scientist, to tell us just what her colleges mean when they talk about biodiversity.

2010 Interational Year of Biodiversity

Regulations to kill zero-emission myth

Pollution from electricity source will be counted

Nicolas Van Praet, Financial Post

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Call for a Barometer of Life By Julia Whitty (Mother Jones)

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