Earth Day History & Ed Stelmach Interview

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This week on the show Andy Read brought us this selection of environmental headlines.

Judge accepts Syncrude statements, Court to hear 28 staff accounts taken shortly after tailings pond deaths By Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal

U.K. climate scientists did not fix figures,’No deliberate malpractice’By Louise Gray, Daily Telegraph

Harvest Energy charged for oil spill that killed 200 birds By The Canadian Press

Drayton Valley women finally get their say on sour gas wells, Contested projects have already been drilled By Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal

Earth Day is upon us and this year marks 40 years since the first event and largely began the modern North American environmental movement. Earth Day has changed in meaning and practice a great deal in those 4 decades but how has the original message and context changed? Terra Informa corespondent Myles Curry digs into the archives of history to shed some light on the often overlooked origins of Earth Day.

There’s no doubt about it – the world of politics is inseparable from environmental issues. David Kaczan has been canvassing the opinions of some  current and aspiring leaders in Alberta, and today we bring you an interview with the Premier of that Province, Ed Stelmach. For that and more, here’s David Kaczan on the political trail.

David Past Interview with Danielle Smith

With summer fast approaching, more and more people are getting back on their bikes. But where should cyclists be riding? Is it best for municipalities to build bikes lanes on the roads or are dedicated bike paths away from streets a better bet? Or should cyclists be in the same lanes as cars? To find out about the pros and cons of each solution, Steve talked to our bicycle traffic reporter, Karly Coleman.

Whether bikes should be on or off the road is pretty contentious issue, both for cyclists and motorists. If you’d like to weigh in on the subject, drop us a line. You can reach the Terra Informa listener line any time at 780-492-2577 ext 250 or email

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