A Taste of Permaculture II

Terra Informa May 23, 2010 Download Here

This week Terra Informa brings you the second part in Marcus Peterson Taste of Permaculture report as well as an EcoBable brought to you by David Kaczan on “green tax shift” and another installment in the bicycle traffic report with Steve Anderson and Carly Coleman.

Trying out a new format for our news segment Andy Read teams up with Ellis Agbenyeg to bring you these headlines.

Email hoax was circulated around Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigerian operations

Friends of the Earth Factsheet : The people of Nigeria versus Shell

Royal Dutch Shell is hit by news hoax by Robin Pagnamenta, Times Online

Alberta is set to award the first clean technology grants from the funds collected from the provinces greenhouse gas regulations.

Alberta to award first cleantech grants in June by Michael Szabo (Reuters)

The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC)

False claims highlight Alberta’s inadequate GHG regulations by Matthew Bramley (Pembina)


What’s tax got to do with the environment? Well, potentially quite a bit, as David Kaczan explains in this week’s ecobabble segment. Some economists and politicians are talking about a “Green Tax Shift”, a new way of designing the tax system to creates jobs while reducing pollution such as carbon emissions, traffic congestion and acid rain” If you’ve heard the term “green tax shift” but never knew what it meant, this week we have the answer for you.

Green Party of Canada Green Tax

Taste of Permaculture II

Last week, we looked at the first installment of Taste of Permaculture, a veritable smorgasbord of reclaimed techniques designed to create not only a more resilient agricultural system, but more meaningful societies. Terra Informa correspondent Marcus Peterson covered the history and basics of permaculture last week, as well as a few innovative projects going on around Edmonton, including a community-high school hybrid community garden envisioned to redesign class curricula. This week, in Taste of Permaculture Two, he covers a few more surprising projects that you may not have been aware of.

Lola Canola

Fryer’s Forest Ecovillage

Crystal Waters Ecovillage

Bicycle Traffic Report

As the weather grows warmer there seem to be more and more cyclists on the road every day. And no wonder. It’s a great way to get around. In fact, over the summer months a lot of people choose to leave their cars parked and instead commute to work by bicycle. Today Terra Informa’s bicycle traffic reporter, Karly Coleman, talks to Steve about what’s involved in bicycle commuting and how to get started.

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters

Wiki list of Canadian Community Bicycle Organizations

Terra Bloga

This week on Terra Bloga Robyn Currie introduces herself and speaks to the issues which she will be writing on. Myles will be writing on the RePower Alberta launch and posting the audio from the Oil & the Arts speakers series.

Terra Informa May 23, 2010 Download Here

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