Louis Helbig’s Birds Eye View of the Tar Sands

Photo By Louis Helbig, Part of his Beautiful Destruction Exhibition & Titled ‘Tailings Ponds & Upgrader’

Environmental News Headlines

House of Commons Passes Motion to Review All Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Unconventional Energy Development

Linda Duncan Calls For Immediate Review of Oil and Gas Rules

Stelmach Welcomes Review of All Laws on Energy Development  (By Archie McLean, Edmonton Journal)

Nunuvat Government Changes Position on Polar Bears Protection Status

Downgrade Polar Bear Protection Status, Says Nunavut Government

Approval Gained for Seismic Testing in Proposed Arctic Conservation Area

Inuit, Nunavut Government, and the federal government agree to launch a feasibility study towards establishing a Parks Canada National Marine Conservation Area in Lancaster Sound(CPAWS News Release)

Arctic Seismic Testing Useful: Nunavut Minister (CBC News)

Arctic Bay Opposes Seismic Testing in Lancaster Sound (Nunatsiaq Online)

Government report Admits Climate  Change Policies will be 1/10 as Effective

Greenhouse-gas targets way off mark: Ottawa (By Mike De Souza, Canwest News Service)

New federal climate plan admits minimal action on emissions (By Matthew Bramley, Pembina Institute)

A Climate Change Plan for the Purposes of the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act


Bicycle Traffic Report with Carly Coleman

Cycling is often considered a solo sport: Lance Armstrong leading the pack up the Alps… but one of the best things about cycling is the community that develops around it.  This week Terra Informa’s bicycle traffic reporter Karly Coleman talks to Steve Andersen about summertime cycling events and how they draw together a community of wonder and delight.

Aerial Photography of the Alberta Tar Sands

Louis Helbig is an Ottawa-based artist/photographer specializing in aerials. He is a commercial pilot and a self-taught photographer whose work has been exhibited and published in Canada and internationally. For his latest exhibition, he has taken on the monumental task of documenting the Tar Sands from the air in northern Alberta. Drawing nation-wide and international praise and admonishment for his latest and biggest project titled Beautiful Destruction – Alberta Tar Sands Aerial Photographs, Louis intends to stimulate largely absent Canadian public debate on the world’s largest industrial development located in our own backyard. Louis Helbig recently took some time off to talk about his project with Terra Informa correspondent Marcus Peterson.

Louis’ exhibition Beautiful Destruction is currently being shown at the Rivoli (334 Queen St. West, Toronto) until July 8, 2010. It is also being showcased this weekend at the New Art Festival, Central Park (Glebe), Ottawa on Saturday & Sunday June 5th & 6th from 10AM-5P. In addition, it will be shown at the Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery, Ottawa, for the 2010 Exhibition Season, from July 23 to Sept 26, 2010. Some of his Tar Sands photos will also be part of a feature in the July issue of Readers’ Digest, which reaches about 1 million people.

Alberta Tar Sands Aerial Photographs (YOU NEED TO CHECK THESE OUT!!!)

EcoBabble: Eutrophication

Maybe you’ve seen the phosphate free symbol on dish detergent or laundry soap and wondered why phosphates are bad?  Maybe you’ve heard about lakes turning green and filling up with slimey algae and wondered what’s responsible?  Terra Informa correspondent Rebecca Rooney enlightens us this week with an ecobabble on a major environmental issue around the world: eutrophication.

Download This Weeks Show Here

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