Tour of Alberta’s “Industrial Heartland”

This week on Terra Informa we cover a breadth of topics in addition to your weekly eco news headlines. Ellis Agbenyeg takes a look at temporary foreign workers in the Alberta tar sands, Brett Tegart provides some insight into new bio cremation processes and Marcus Peterson takes us on a tour of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Shell Upgrader, Fort Saskatchewan By Matthew Dance

Environmental News Headlines

G20 documents show no Canadian movement on tax breaks for oil sands (OilWeek)

Harper rejects advice to budge on oil patch tax breaks (CTV)

Syncrude verdict encourages Fort Chip residents, Oilsands need better government regulation, environmentalist says (CBC)

Australia’s Leadership Change Rekindles Hope for Climate Health (ENS)

Gillard to fight for carbon tax (ABC)

Natural pesticides may hurt environment (CBC)

Choosing Organic Pesticides over Synthetic Pesticides May Not Effectively Mitigate Environmental Risk in Soybeans

Whaling ‘peace deal’ falls apart (BBC)

Temporary Foreign Workers

Terra Informa’s CSL intern Ellis Agbenyeg takes a look at the environmental and social justice aspects of temporary foreign workers in Alberta’s oil industry

Alberta Federation of Labour


Its known as the last bonfire. Over half of Canadians these days choose to be cremated rather than buried, but of late the process has come under fire. Cremation consumes huge  amounts of electricity and produces about 400 kilograms of carbon dioxide for each cremation. But new processes which Terra Informa correspondent Brett Tegart investigates, are changing how people are looking at death.

Tour of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Most people associate tar sands impacts with fort McMurray or fort Chipewyan, but in reality the destruction continues right into Edmonton’s back yard. The industrial heartland located just NE of Edmonton is 300 km square  in size and includes 5 regions. For many residents the areas is quickly becoming known as cancer alley due to the levels of pollution and increase in development. Terra Informa corespondent Marcus Peterson bring us a first hand account of a tour put on by residents and environmental groups of this less known area of tar sands infrastructure.

Suncor Refinery 'Upset' in the Industrial Heartland

Pembina Institute’s new report, Upgrader Alley, provides the first in-depth look at the environmental impacts of upgrading oil sands bitumen in the Edmonton region.

Marcus Peterson – Podcast – Industrial Heartland Tour

Heartland Tour Toolkit


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