Terra Informa Needs Your Support!

You may already know that Terra Informa – your source for environmental news from across Canada and around the globe – is entirely volunteer run. But did you know that CJSR, the Edmonton community radio station where Terra Informa is produced, is also mostly run by volunteers? There are more than 200 volunteer DJs, reporters, writers, designers, administrators, and producers all donating their time to bring you alternative news programming and toe-tapping independent and local music.

The operating budget for the radio station is only $300,000 dollars a year. That’s just 1/10th what Syncrude Ltd. was charged in the first round of tailings pond duck deaths. That’s less than 1/25th the average annual earnings of each of Canada’s 100 top CEOs. It’s surprisingly little compared to most radio stations, but when you consider that 45% of it ($125,000) is donated by listeners just like you, it doesn’t seem like small potatoes anymore.

$125,000 may sound like a lot to ask for, but just think about all that CJSR provides:

  • More genres of music than any other Edmonton station
  • One of only 2 independent campus/community radio news departments in Canada
  • Hosting and sponsorship for local music nights
  • A wide array of cultural programming, including the only media outlet with programming specifically for the GLBT community

Without that $125,000, CJSR can’t afford to keep filling the airwaves with such a diversity of voices and Edmonton will become a more monotone and less bedazzling city. Without CJSR, we can’t keep bringing you the top environmental news stories, interviews, and editorials every week – not just for listeners at 88.5 FM, but for those of you who download or stream us and for those who tune in on one of our many syndicate stations across the country.

When you consider what’s at stake, can you afford not to donate? So please, give generously. Call (780) 492-2577 ext 1. You can call during our show (Tuesdays 5pm) or anytime between October 27th and November 6th. Alternatively, you can donate securely online here: https://secure.cjsr.ualberta.ca/webpledge.php

Thanks for your continuing support!

The Terra Informa Crew.

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