Highway Threatens the Serengeti and Keeping Warm with Passive Solar Heating

In this weeks Terra Informa we investigate a proposed highway that is set to cut one of Africa’s most celebrated wildlife preserves in two. David Kaczan visits the park and reports on what’s at stake if the project goes ahead. We also hear about a range of solar technologies, from the simple to the high tech, that can be used to heat your home while helping the environment. And we’ve got a piece on research being done on the grizzle bears of the Mackenzie River delta in the Northwest Territories.

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Photo by David d'O

News Headlines

New Environment Minister speaks of ‘Ethical Oil’ in CBC interview

Toronto’s transit is at a crossroads as the Pembina Institute and Rob Ford disagree

Rat poision is killing owl (Scientific America)

Serious explosion at CNRL upgrader near Fort MacKay Alberta

Report identifies leaks in Quebec shale gas wells

Highway Across the Serengeti National Park

Today on Terra Informa we once again head to Africa, this time to the iconic Serengeti National Park. This park is classic Africa: big plains with herds of wildebeest, lions, zebra, and many more, all in staggering abundance. Its conservation is a celebrated success, but now a proposed new highway could place that in jeopardy. Terra Informa correspondent David Kaczan journeyed to the Serengeti, Tanzania, to explore the details behind this controversy.

Passive Solar Heating

Here in icy Canada, trying to reduce your home’s energy use in wintertime can leave you and your family in the cold. Keeping your house warm without fossil fuels or extra electricity is possible. Today, Brett Tegart takes a look at passive solar heating solutions you can add to an existing home, and at a new technology that could generate electricity using the windows in your house.


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