Charges Against StatOil, Green Cremation, and Animal Personalities

This past week saw tar sands developer StatOil in court facing charges related to 19 contraventions of the Water Allocation Act. We caught up with representatives of Greenpeace outside the courthouse to discuss the nature of the infractions and their concerns with the industry. Wildlife researcher Robert Found tells us about work he’s done identifying different personality types amoung elk and the impact it will have on conservation efforts. We learn about two new methods of cremation that are cleaning up the industry’s sooty reputation, and we round out the show with a look at ecosystem markets and how they help economists factor the environment into their work. All that, plus your wrap up of the week’s news headlines.

Elk taking in a game of golf. Photo courtesy of Eric_L.

One comment

  1. As a chemist and engeenir I marvel at the stupidity of the american public. On the one hand they demand bigger and better SUVs and on the other they want cheaper and more plentiful gasolene supplies. Unless all the supplies of hydrocarbon fuels available(oil sands, oil shale,offshore California and Florida plus Anwar) are put into the equation,the US can kiss goodbye to its relatively cheap energy.We must make use of the available sources of energy, Nuclear, Coal liquifaction Natural gas,geothermal energy where it is available and minor sources such as solar power, wind energy. We have very large amounts of natural gas which should be used to replace the use of oil for heating.Finally ethanol should not be made from corn, the energy required for conversion makes it a lousy tradeoff.

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