Biological Insecticides & Dioxins

This week on Terra Informa, we look at a fungus that preys on insects, and how that could be used by farmers to control insect pests. We have a GreenScreen review of documentary ‘Gasland’, and a story about the deadly class of toxins called Dioxins.


First up, a story about fungus and insects. Insects are the preferred host for the parasitic fungus Beauveria bassiana, and scientists have worked out how to use this fungus as a biocontrol agent on insect pests. One of those scientists is Sunil Rajput, a former graduate student from the University of Alberta. His research focuses on the fungus’s potential as an alternative to chemical insecticides in pest management in greenhouses. Correspondent Rebekah Rooney caught up with Sunil to hear about his research findings.


Next up our favourite Terra Informa Movie Reviewer, Alex Hindle, puts the documentary ‘Gasland’ in the hot seat for a GreenScreen movie review. Gasland was released last year by young American director John Fox. He explores the controversial process of natural gas extraction known as hydraulic fracturing, also known as ‘fracking’, and its legacy across America so far. This review is a repeat from earlier in the year, but we liked it so much we thought we’d bring it to you once more.


Finally this week, David Kaczan looks into a disturbingly dangerous family of chemicals called dioxins, and how they came to poison a president.

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