John Acorn Interview, Exploring the Gaia Hypothesis

John Acorn is an entomologist, television personality and author of 17 books. He’s best known role is probably as the host of “Acorn: Nature Nut” the popular tv show on all things creeping and crawling. But when he’s not writing television shows, teaching students or working on his research, John Acorn is often at his desk writing field naturalist guide books. If you think there’s not much controversy in how to draw or write about a few butterflies or beetles, think again.

Does the earth seem uncannily comfortable? Certainly, levels of nutrients, atmospheric gasses, salinity, temperature and more seem just right for life. Could it be that life itself is creating the conditions it requires, and if so, does that make the entire earth some kind of super organism? David Kaczan finds out in this piece on the ‘Gaia Hypothesis.’

Download this week’s show.

John Acorn

photo courtesy John Acorn


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