Pharmaceuticals in our Water, Gaia Hypothesis & Wiebo Ludwig

We rely on modern pharmaceuticals to keep us healthy, but now researchers are finding that those same drugs are making their way into our water. Today Dr. Greg Goss tells us about the effects these chemicals are having on aquatic ecosystems. We also look into a prominent, but often misunderstood scientific theory, the Gaia Hypothesis. Plus, we talk to director David York about his documentary Wiebo’s War, which chronicles Wiebo Ludwig’s battle with the oil and gas industry. Ludwig spent years fighting sour gas extraction near his home, and eventually served time for bombings and sabotage.

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Wiebo Ludwig's struggle with the oil and gas industry spanned decades and culminated in high profile acts of sabotage. Today we talk to the director of Wiebo's War, a documentary about Ludwig's battle.

Pharmaceuticals in our Water
Most people take safe drinking water for granted, but just how clean is our municipal water? Modern water purification does a great job of removing viruses and bacteria, but now concerns are starting to surface about a different type of contamination. Increasingly, trace amounts of pharmaceuticals are being found in water. Today our correspondent Steve Andersen talks to water expert Dr. Greg Goss about the risks and what we can do to reduce them.

Gaia Hypothesis
Does the earth seem uncannily comfortable? Certainly, levels of nutrients, atmospheric gasses, salinity, temperature and more seem just right for life. Could it be that life itself is creating the conditions it requires, and if so, does that make the entire earth some kind of super organism? David Kaczan finds out on today’s Ecobabble, on the Gaia Hypothesis.

Wiebo’s War
Sometimes on Terra Informa, we bring you green screen segments where we review an environmentally themed film. Today Rebecca Rooney brings us a green screen of Wiebo’s War, a documentary that tells the story of Wiebo Ludwig and his Christian community. The community lives in northern Alberta, the heart of Canada’s oil patch. They moved there 25 years ago to live in line with their believes, including becoming self-sufficient in terms of food and energy use. They built their farm with their own hands, not knowing that it lay on top of one of the largest undeveloped natural gas fields in North America. Their neighbours accepted industry buyouts and moved on. Weibo and his family – after years of trying to negotiate with the gas industry, politicians, and the media – went to war.


  1. If you’d like to share your thoughts on Wiebo Ludwig, or the prospective that David York took in his documentary, we’d love to hear from you. Ludwig is about as controversial as they come. You can reach the Terra Informa listener line any time at 780-492-2577 ext 236.

    — Steve

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