Beetles, Regenerative Buildings, Jane’s Walk, the Achuar Visit Talisman’s AGM and more!

This week’s show takes a look at everything from beetles to regenerative buildings, Jane’s Walk,  indigenous leaders from Peru’s Achuar people who are visiting Talisman Energy’s AGM, and the Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train. We end with the music of Rachelle Van Zanten, which warms us up for the launch of our Northern Gateway Pipeline Documentary next week.

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Junction Walk, Photo by Vic Gedris

The Acoustics of Bark Beetles

David Dunn, sound artist and composer produced an album in 2006 called The Sound of Light in Trees: The Acoustic Ecology of Pinyon Pines, in collaboration with the Acoustic Ecology Institute. With tiny microphones, he records the sounds of bark beetles in New Mexico’s pinyon pines. Beyond a fascinating listening experience, this is an innovative approach to the ecology of insects, and to monitoring bark beetle populations.

More on this story: The Sound of Light in Trees: The Acoustic Ecology of Pinyon Pines

The Ecology of Pine Beetles & Cold Temperatures

Regenerative Buildings

We’ve all heard of net-zero buildings..structures designed so they give back to the grid as much electricity as they take. But what if a building could actually regenerate its habitat? What if it could send electricity back to the grid, recharge the aquifer below it, and more? UBC’s new Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – or CIRS – does just that. Terra Informa’s Chris Chang-Yen Phillips talks with Martin Nielsen is a principal at Perkins + Will Canada, the architects behind CIRS.

More on this story: The UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability

Jane’s Walk

Get out and walk! On May 5th and 6th, join people across Canada and around the world in celebration of pedestrianism and urban-adventuring. The walks began in 2007, in legacy to Jane Jacobs, urban visionary, activist and writer. From Thunder Bay, to Guelph, Saskatoon to Winnipeg, Vancouver to Fredericton, walking tours led by volunteer tour-guides will happen everywhere! Find out what walks are planned for your community by visiting
Tweet about your walk, or follow Jane’s Walks on Twitter: #janeswalk

Achuar Leaders Visit Canada: Talisman Energy’s AGM, Fort MacMurry, and Other Communities

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Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train

On April 29th, British Columbia’s Yinka Dene Alliance begins a cross-country Freedom Train journey on Monday, to declare their ban on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. They depart from Jasper, Alberta, and will stop in several cities, including Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg before arriving in Toronto for Enbridge’s annual shareholders meeting on May 9. Rallies and feasts are planned to welcome them in cities they stop in.

More on this story: Vancouver Observer

Rachelle Van Zanten

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