Edmonton’s Agricultural Lands, Weeds, and Talking to Canadians

On this week’s show, Terra Informa takes you outside. First, we’ll take you along for a tour of Edmonton’s urban farmlands. Then we’ll find out the answer to the age old question: what is a weed? Finally we take to the streets to test the environmental knowledge of the common Canadian.

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Farming in the City Tours

We all know that potatoes have eyes and corn have ears, but did you know that some of Alberta’s most fertile farmland falls within Edmonton city limits? On a Sunday in late August, we boarded a school-bus for the Farming in the City Tour. The tour of local farms was organized by Live Local and the Greater Edmonton Alliance. Terra Informa’s Kathryn Lennon meets producers, samples produce, and finds out what will be lost if this land is not preserved. Sit back as we take you along for the ride!

More on this story: Edmonton Journal, Mastermaq, Greater Edmonton Alliance, Live Local, Friends of Famers, City of Edmonton

Ecobabble – Weeds
Since we’re talking about farming today, on this week’s Ecobabble, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips asks: what is a weed? He spoke to former University of Alberta Plant Sciences professor Dr. William Vanden Born to find out.
Featured music: Another Girl (instrumental) by duckett

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Man on the Street

Hey hey, common Canadian! How Terra Informed are you? How keen is your green vocabulary? Are you up-to-date on your green buzz words and eco facts? We wanted to find out. So, two of our intrepid Terra Informers hit the streets to see what you know. From the Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton, Alberta, here’s Hamdi Iaaswi and Mel Skrypnyk.


Experts Call for Mackenzie River Management Plan

Climate change is threatening the Mackenzie River Basin, an area that’s been dubbed the “Amazon of the North.”The basin, which stretches across BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, as well as the Northwest and Yukon Territories, plays a vital role in maintaining climate stability by storing greenhouse gas in the ice and plant life. On September 5th-7th, the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy was held in Vancouver to advise the federal, as well as the provincial and territorial governments in the region, to create a transjurisdictional agreement that will manage resources, wildlife, and pollution for the basin as a whole.

More on this story: Reuters, Metro, Gordon Foundation

Government Releases New Coal Emission Rules

On September 5th the Canadian Federal Government finalized regulations for greenhouse gas emissions from the coal-fired electricity sector. Effective July 1st, 2015, the new regulations will cap CO2 emissions of coal plants at 420 tonnes per gigawatt hour instead of the the 375 tonne limit proposed in August 2011. Also affected is the lifespan of coal plants, which has been bumped up from 45 to 50 years. Units commissioned before 1975 must be shutdown by that time or 2019, which ever comes first. Those commissioned between 1975-1986 are allowed until 2029.

More on this story: Reuters, CBC

Investigation Concludes Small Earthquakes Caused by Fracking

An energy regulator from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission has reported that numerous small earthquakes in Northeastern British Columbia have been caused by hydraulic fracking, a process used to extract natural gas from shale rock. The report stated that “The investigation has concluded that the events observed within remote and isolated areas of the Horn River Basin between 2009 and 2011 were caused by fluid injection during hydraulic fracturing in proximity to pre-existing faults.”

More on this story: Winnipeg Free Press, Globe and Mail, CBC News

Tar Sands Blockade Protests Texas Keystone Pipeline

In the Northeast Texas town Saltillo, a group of concerned landowners and climate justice organizers blocked equipment being used to construct TransCanada’s Gulf Coast Extension, formerly the Keystone XL pipelines. The action is part of ongoing actions by members of the Tar Sands Blockade, a group using peaceful and sustained civil disobedience to protest the construction of the Keystone XL pipelines.

More on this story: CBS19 TV, Beaumont Enterprise, The People’s Record

Japanese River Otter Declared Extinct

The Japanese river otter has been declared extinct in a report by the Japanese Environment Ministry, the first mammal to be declared extinct since the ministry started collecting data in 1991. Over-hunting and habitat pollution and destruction are named as causes of the river otter’s extinction.

More on this story: Japan Times, Mongabay News, News on Japan

What’s Happening

Terra Nova Sharing Farm Vegetable Harvest

On Saturday, September 15, The Lower Mainland Green Team invites volunteers to help harvest the Terra Nova sharing farm located in Northwest corner of Richmond, BC. Volunteers are asked to bring gardening gloves, as well as waterproof jackets and footwear; tools and instructions will be provided. The vegetables harvested from this event will be donated to the Richmond Food Bank.

More information: Meetup, The Sharing Farm Society

McIntyre Creek Clean-Up and the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up

The McIntyre Creek Clean-Up is a part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up and will take place on Sept 16th, from 10 am to 2 pm, at McIntyre Creek on Kwanlin Dun First Nation’s traditional territories, near Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories. A BBQ lunch will be provided by Yukon Electrical and anyone interested in participating is encouraged to bring their own gloves, garbage bags will be provided.

For more information, contact Friends of McIntyre Creek: 668-5678 or ycswild@ycs.yk.ca or visit Yukon Conservation

One comment

  1. Fracking in a sentence: “I don’t want any fracking crap in my water!”

    Fracking for Natural Gas is contaminating ground water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbIyR-hw7Eo

    Suggestion: Maybe follow up your Qs about things like fracking with related, more popular Qs like “Do you know who Erin Brockovich is?” Or “have you ever heard of anyone’s tap water becoming flamable?”

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