CSA Sailboats, Power Shift Advocacy, and Environmental Poetry

This week, we hear from a CSA project in Creston, BC that’s making waves rather than fumes; a Power Shift organizer about advocacy in the quest for climate justice; and a slam poet on the role of the artist in a time of environmental crisis.

No more Mr. Gneiss Boat!

Sailing is a well-known past-time for grain farmers. [Photo credit: ritaoksa, via flickr]

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Creston Grains Setting Sail

CSAs – or Community Shared Agriculture – let you get a more personal experience with the farmers who grow your food. You buy a share in their harvest at the beginning of the season, before the seeds have even been planted; growers have a guaranteed market, and shareholders get some certainty about where their food is coming from. But BC’s Kootenay Grain CSA goes above and beyond. If you bought a share of this year’s harvest, you can get it delivered by sailboat. Roy Lawrence has been a grower with the Kootenay Grain CSA for five years now. He speaks to us from Creston, BC.

More on this story: Kootenay Grain CSA

Gearing up for Power Shift

A few weeks ago, we filled you in on Power Shift—a climate justice gathering that’s launching in a matter of days. With activists across the country climbing onto trains, hopping into planes, and banding together in buses and carpools, we decided to get an update. Terra Informa contributor Trevor Chow-Fraser was interested in the advocacy aspect of Power Shift, so he phoned up the organizers to find out more.

More on this story: Power Shift

Environmental Poetry

Beginning this week we will be featuring poetry on Terra Informa. To start us off, Kathryn Lennon caught up with slam poet Johnny MacRae at the 2012 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon. Johnny is the inaugural Underground Individual Poetry Slam Champion of Canada, and two-time Vancouver Poetry Slam team member. He is joined by Shayne Avec I Grec, Poet Laureate of the Brandon Folk Music and Art Festival in Manitoba. Johnny shares some of his poetry, and thoughts on the role of poets in a time of environmental crisis.

More on this story: Anthropocalyptica

What’s Happening

The Trick or Treat for Climate Justice

A family-friendly march will be taking place at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill on Monday, October 29th at 11:30 AM. If you’re attending Power Shift, we’d love to see what kind of costumes you’ll be wearing as you trick-or-treat for climate justice. Live tweet us a picture of your green or gruesome getup @terra_informa #terrorinforma!

More information: Power Shift

Environmental Art Talk

On October 24, Bill McKibben, a renowned environmentalist, will be speaking at the University of Alberta at 7:00 PM. His free talk is called “Changing Hearts as well as Minds: Art in the Environmental Movement,” and it will take place in the McMahon Pavilion Auditorium, Campus Saint-Jean.

More information: University of Alberta

Mining and Cell Phones Conference

On October 25th, a first ever inter-community conference entitled “Cell phones good partners, but its mining’s sources affects humanity” will take place at 5:00 PM in the Grand Salon in Edmonton’s Campus Saint Jean. This conference will look at the source of the materials that make up common electronics, and the high cost of mining these materials to human life.

More information: The Edmonton Sun

or call 780-200-3917 / 780-901-3778 / 780-803-1132

2012 Food Secure Canada National Assembly

On November 2, a Food Secure Canada event will take place at the Edmonton EXPO Centre at 7:00 PM. Come hear speakers Eriel Deranger, Pat Mooney, Michael Lewis and Augusta Henriques talk about “Energy, Resilience, and the Future of Food.” This public event is part of Food Secure Canada’s 2012 National Assembly, which brings together different groups collaborating to improve food security in Canada and all over the world.

More information: Food Secure Canada

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