Environmental Education & Saw-whet Owls

Those of us who aren’t sufficiently interested in cosines and chiasmus—we often remind ourselves that important learning happens outside of school, too. Many educators are trying to break down those barriers by creating exciting and engaging educational activities within their schools’ walls. This week, we’ll talk to two Edmontonians about their innovative educational projects. But be warned! If you’ve already graduated, you’re going to be very jealous of the Jasper Place High School students and their lunchtime aquaponic breaks.

Low shot of large beds of leafy green vegetables, lit by magenta fluorescents, seen hanging in the distance.

A bed of leafy greens growing in an aquaponics system. Photo by Plant Chicago

Download episode here

Undergraduate Journal for Environmental Writing

Are you an undergraduate student who wants to get your research published? At least one professor at Alberta’s Grant MacEwan University wants to help you out. Lucille Mazo started Earth Common Journal as a forum for undergraduate students to publish their research concerning conservation, global warming, and the environment. Earth Common Journal showcases exemplary undergraduate writing, cover design, and music composition.

In this piece, Nicole speaks with Lucille, as well as last year’s music composition winner, Jeremy West. We’ll be treated to his his piece “Earth’s Lonely Heart.”

Links: Earth Common Journal

Bringing Permaculture Back To School

When you were a kid in school, did you ever wonder what the point of subjects like math and science were? For instance, how they applied to the real world? What could that have to do with a food forest and an aquaponics system, or how permaculture projects can help people become more connected to their communities?

Dustin Bajer teaches at Jasper Place High School in Edmonton and is the brain behind the permaculture project started there in 2010. He has some interesting answers to these questions. Morgana Folkmann spoke to him over the phone this past week.

Links: Dustin Bajer’s BlogOn Facebook

Music used in the piece: “By the Light of the Moon” by the Deep Dark Woods

Beaverhill Bird Observatory

A few months ago, we went a little wild for Alberta’s owls. Well, this week we’re bringing back the strigifor-mania! It’s a piece from the archives with Steve Anderson night-time escapade to Beaverhill Bird Observatory in Tofield, Alberta. We’ll learn more about that project, and hopefully, get up-close and personal with some of the fascinating Saw-whet Owls.

Links: Beaverhill Bird Observatory

Correction: Feb 24, 2013

The original version of this article included a What’s Happening events listing for the wrong week. We apologize for the error.

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