ABH2O: Mountain Springs, Prairie Rivers, Underground Tailings

As Terra Informa goes to air this week, we are only a fortnight away from the annual World Water Day. To get you in the mood for the festivities of March 22, we’re presenting two stories that investigate Albertans’ relationship to water.

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Man sits on side of canoe with dog frolicking in water, ankle deep in water. Other shore is dusty and not far off.

Photo by Flickr user canoe too

Alberta’s Water Conversation

How often do you get a say in the things that really matter? Water is one of those few resources that we literally cannot live without. And in the province of Alberta, the government is giving its citizens a rare opportunity to tell them how this precious resource should be managed. They’re calling it Alberta’s Water Conversation, and from mid-February to mid-March they will be criss-crossing the province holding public hearings. When the Water Conversation rolled into Edmonton last week, Trevor Chow-Fraser decided to head down and check it out.

Eco-Poetry With Gary Lee

Long-time poet and social worker Gary Lee lives in Edmonton, but he grew up in Saskatchewan. In this interview and poetry reading captured by Morgana Folkmann, Gary Lee revisits the body of water that so shaped him as a young person—the Red Deer River.


One of the regular segments on Terra Informa is Ecobabble, where we try to undress environmental jargon, and figure out what it really means. One term Chris Chang-Yen Phillips was curious about was “weeds.” What does in mean in our yard, and what does it mean to an ecologist? He spoke to former University of Alberta Plant Sciences professor Dr. William Vanden Born, and one special five-year old, to find out.

What’s Happening

With Edmonton’s downtown Transcend café location closing, it’s important to take time to remember the importance of fair trade and ethical practice in the coffee industry. Two Transcend locations remain in Edmonton; The Argyll café located at 9869-62 avenue and the Garneau café at 8707-109 street. To learn more about quality, ethically-sourced coffee, you can sign up for their next Coffee Tasting and Appreciation course on March 23, 2013 at the Garneau location. Tickets are $49 per person or $89 for a couple.

Residents of Victoria, BC and surround area, it’s that time of year again for The Pacific Rim Whale Festival! Join fellow Whale lovers at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve from March 12 to the 24th to open this season’s whale watching officially. This time of year marks the migration of over 20,000 Grey Whales up the coast and into the Bering Sea 13,000 km from their starting point off Mexico’s west coast.

Residents of Lethbridge, the Galt Museum and Archives will be showcasing “Alberta’s Last Sea Dragon: The Lethbridge/Korite Elasmosaur” on Thursday March 14. Come out to the Galt Museum from 7 to 8pm to learn about this long-necked plesiosaur, a very rare ancient marine reptile, determined by the Royal Tyrrell Museum to be new to Science! The ancient bones dug up by miners in 2007 at the Korite international mine south of Lethbridge tell an intriguing story about who use to roam Albertan land and what the landscape may have looked like millions of years ago!

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