Today’s Menu: Potatoes, Water and Cara-Medallions

This week, our team tackles food quality on two levels. While one story is about tackling the concern of food quality in places such as schools, the other talks about a recipe for a quality, healthy, and unbaked  dessert.

As well, we take a look at another way the National Hockey League is assisting in resource renewal, this time with water, its own DNA.

Water is a huge part of both hockey and recreational skating. It is its DNA. Photo Credit: Themightyquill

Water is a huge part of both hockey and recreational skating. It is its DNA. Photo Credit: Themightyquill


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Gallons for Goals

Ice hockey without water is obviously impossible. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the organization behind the NHL’s implementation of Gallons for Goals, realizes this, and plans to restore 1,000 gallons of water for every goal scored in the NHL this season. Over three million gallons have been restored, which seems like a lot. However, Terra Informa’s Kyle Muzyka speaks to B-E-F’s Tiffany Meyer, and finds out that it’s a very small contribution to a much larger goal.

More Info: 

B-E-F Website

NHL Green Column on Gallons for Goals

Natalee’s Recipe for Cara-medallions

Hungry for something healthy? Here is a recipe from Terra Informa’s very own Natalee Rawat, on how to create a delicious, unbaked dessert. Make them yourself, or get them at Pangaea Market in Edmonton, Alberta. The members of Terra Informa double as food critics, and we gave them five stars!

Here’s the ingredients:

Process: Dates, walnuts, raw cacao, citrus essential oil, cardamom essential oil, vanilla and dehydrated cranberries

Roll the batter out after its mixed evenly and use a cookie cutter to shape it!

Pangaea Market 

People’s Potato

I’m sure many of us have expressed concern at the quality of food at public institutions like hospitals and schools. Recently, Terra Informa’s Miro Radovic had the chance to talk to K, a member of the People`s Potato — a student initiative started over a decade ago at Concordia University in Montreal to address several food related issues on campus.

More Information:


The People’s Potato

Dalhousie’s The Loaded Ladle 


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