FunDrive 2013 Pt. 1

Nikki and Yuri

Terra Informa’s Nicole Wiart speaks with Yuri Wuensch, an Edmonton citizen concerned with the “Zombie”-like nature of the city’s urban sprawl.

This week, it’s the annual Terra Informa FunDrive Live show!  The live show features interviews from Canadians of all walks of life and focuses on municipal government and its power to affect a community.  With Alberta-wide elections approaching quickly on October 21 this is an excellent time to get educated about the changes that can or can’t be made by your municipal government.

In Part 1, hear from Yuri Wuensch about the pressing issue of urban sprawl in Edmonton.  And listen to another Edmontonian, Crystal Sherris, defend the right to raise chickens within Edmonton’s city limits.

PS: The hard working volunteers of your favorite environmental news show raised a total of $1,870.00 for CJSR community radio during this live broadcast!

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Urban Sprawl; an unstoppable force?

It’s the year 2025. The city of Edmonton has spread like a virus, the outlying areas brushing the edges of the municipality of Red Deer.  What was long feared has finally arrived – A Zombie Apocalypse. Hundreds of thousands of Albertans are among the walking dead, and are approaching the outskirts of our great city.   Back in the year 2013, it’s almost civic election time. Yuri Wuensch, is a concerned Edmontonian, who is using his expertise in PR and corporate communications to stop the impending Zombie invasion. No,  his strategy is not to stockpile canned goods or weapons of mass destruction… it’s stopping Edmonton’s urban sprawl.  To discuss sustainable development in Edmonton is Terra Informa’s Nicole Wiart and Yuri Wuensch.

Further reading:

The Great Chicken Debate

Back in January of this year, Terra Informa’s own Morgana Folkman spoke with Crystal Sherris about her urban chicken operation.  Crystal was, at the time, battling the city for the right to keep her chickens.  Chickens Crystal, who is a vegetarian, relies on as her main protein source.  These animals, which the city of Edmonton labels as “livestock”, also provide Crystal with an insect free yard and a sustainable recycling alternative by feeding them her table scraps.  Since that January 2013 interview much has transpired in Crystal’s attempts to get Edmonton, Alberta to accept the urban sustainability lifestyle she tries to promote.   Jessica Kozlowski has a follow-up interview to show us how advocating for the right to own chickens and live a lifestyle of urban sustainability is going for Crystal today.

Further reading: Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub (CLUCK)River City Chickens Collective

What’s Happening

2013 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) Annual Conference

This October, 24-27 the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation will hold its annual conference in Thunder Bay. This year’s theme is Rural Canada – Ready to Grow. The event is co-hosted by Lakehead University, the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association, and the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation. You’ll be digging into questions like how to ensure that some of the benefits of natural resources stay where they’re extracted, and how to cope with the social impacts of that development. These are, pretty much, the questions in the air right now, especially for Aboriginal communities. That’s October 24-27 in Thunder Bay. We’ll tweet out the link with more information, or you can just go directly to to register.

Vermicomposting Workshop

In Windsor, Ontario, there’s a vermicomposting workshop coming up on October 26. OPIRG Windsor is hosting the workshop at their headquarters. If you’re like me and you’re trying to process more of your own food scraps at home, vermicomposting lets you do that with the help of squirmy worms. The workshop is October 26 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. We’ll tweet out the link to the event, it’s on

CJSR Fun Drive

Don’t forget, you can still donate to CJSR 88.5 FM after October 5th by visiting our FunDrive webpage!  We appreciate any support you can provide to your local community radio station CJSR.

A MASSIVE Thank you to ALL of our sponsors!

  • Lucid Lifestyle for donating a gift certificate, socks, and water bottle
  • House of D.A.M. (Edmonton’s Only Contemporary Vogue Collective) for donating a complementary trial Vogue Class with Robert.

Although we gave away this voguing prize on air, all new students can have a trial week of Unlimited Classes for $25 to get a taste of what style they are interested in.  Voguing is an incredible sub-culture from the Black & Latin Queer Community that dates back to the 1960’s in Harlem, NYC. Inspired by Modelling, Runway, Magazines, Film, these poses and movements are integrated with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. A Wonderful fun and fabulous class to build self-confidence, love, beauty as well as extreme strength, dexterity, flexibility, musicality and theatricality in how this performance style has evolved over the years.

When: Every Thursday at 6pm
Location: Pique Dance Centre (Edmonton’s Only Adult Drop-In Dance Centre) 10604 105 Ave NW

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