Anti-Fracking, Sardine Decline, and Oil Sands Karaoke

Fishing boat in waters with forested mountains behind.

On this week’s Terra Informa, first we will be focusing on the anti-fracking longhouse issue in New Brunswick through Ron Tremblay’s narrative. Then we will look at the problem of sardine fishery depression on the west coast. Afterwards, we will turn to Charles Wilkonson’s latest documentary film, Oil Sands Karaoke and what it tells us about how Canadians are dealing with the oil industry.

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Anti-Fracking Longhouse Erected in New Brunswick

The images from the confrontation at Elsipogtog this October are hard to forget. Burning police cars, and a line of RCMP officers marching towards a woman on her knees, with an eagle feather in her hand. Members of Elsipogtog First Nation were willing to put their bodies on the line to stop energy company SWN Resources from exploring for shale gas in their region.

This week, several New Brunswick First Nations are hoping to talk to the province about the issues on their own terms. Ron Tremblay is an elder representing the Wolastoq First Nation at a longhouse that’s been built across the street from New Brunswick’s legislature. First Nations leaders behind the longhouse have delivered a letter to the premier’s office, asking him to meet them when the Legislature opens, and negotiate a moratorium on shale gas exploration in the province. Terra Informa’s Chris Chang-Yen Phillips reached Ron Tremblay at his home in Fredericton.

Links: The Real News (Video) , CBC news , CTV news

BC Sardine Fishery Depression

Earlier this month, there were reports of a sardine fishery “collapse”  that’s kept  BC seine boats idled at dockside right through their six-month season this year on the west coast. What happened is not as dramatic as that are linked to global currents, our correspondent Melati Kaye found. But the sardine no-show hardly caught scientists unawares. Rather, it confirms a half-century-long “Pacific Decennial Oscillation,” or PDO. Determined by a current that starts in Asia and washes down along North America’s West Coast, this oceanic cooling trend could re-link the Pacific food chain, steering fishermen and other apex sea-farers to alternative prey. Terra Informa contributor Melati Kaye has more.

Links: University of Washington’s Pacific Decadal Oscillation Research Site, “Climate Change and Small Pelagic Fish

Oil Sands Karaoke

One of the big award-winners at Hot Docs 2012 was a movie called Peace Out. That film explored the energy industry in BC and Alberta’s Peace River watershed. Now, a sequel of sorts is making the rounds of festivals and independent cinema. It’s a movie called Oil Sands Karaoke.

You can catch Oil Sands Karaoke at the Magic Lantern Carleton starting November 8th. Elsewhere in Canada, check the listings of your local indie cinema over the coming year. Or for a small screen experience, check on iTunes later in 2014. That was Trevor Chow-Fraser speaking with Vancouver film director Charles Wilkinson, Toronto.

Link: Oil Sand Karaoke Theatrical Trailer

What’s Happening

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