Storming the 2013 Con Con


It was a fascinating journey into the heart of a world that us Terra Informers don’t often glimpse. But it’s one that is necessary to gain understanding of where we’re heading in the coming years. Canada as a country has shifted in fundamental ways when it comes to environmental policy under the ruling Conservative party.

This year’s Federal Conservative convention, or (as it’s popularly known) Con Con, was held in Calgary from October 31- November 2. Terra Informa contributors, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips and Trevor Chow-Fraser were able to attend and observe the policy-making in action and get to the bottom of where the Conservative government, and thinkers are headed in terms of environmental policy.

Download this week’s episode.

Our guests this week are:

  • Rob Ferguson, Conservative Party delegate from Edmonton
  • Allan Henry, Conservative Party delegate from Newfoundland
  • Monte Solberg, former Conservative MP and cabinet minister from Medicine Hat
  • Eric Scanlan, Conservative Party delegate from Montreal
  • Paul Wells, Macleans writer and author of “The Longer I’m Prime Minister”
  • Michael Chong, MP for Wellington-Halton Hills
  • Leona Agglukaq, Minister of the Environment

Music credits: Lo Tag Blanco (Creative Commons), Kid Street, Beck.

Links: Tory Chong joins all-party climate caucus(, Canada failing to meet 2020 emissions targets(, All politics, no science, for Harper (Toronto Star), 2013 Fall Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, The rise of green Conservatives (Vancouver Observer), Harper speech a parody of a parody of an empty cliché (National Post)

What’s Happening

Edmonton: The Root for Trees Matching Grant

The Root for Trees Matching Grant is now accepting applications for tree planting projects. The Root for trees supports communities across Edmonton who are seeking to plant trees in their neighbourhoods. Funding for the first round applications are being accepted between now and January 31st 2014.

Edmonton: Solar Energy update

Solar engineer Gordon Howell will present some fairly ground-breaking information regarding the potential of solar electricity in Alberta. His latest research using data from the new City of Edmonton’s Solar PV Reference System at NAIT and historical Power Pool pricing information is showing a market value of 16.5 cents per kWh for 2013.  He also just brought on line Edmonton’s largest solar system at the Eastgate Office Building 154kW.  This is the 177th utility-tie solar PV system in Edmonton.

Gordon Howell P. Eng. Howell-Mayhew Engineering November 13, 2013 at 7:00 pm, Grant MacEwan University – CN Theatre Rm 5-142 105 St. Building 105 St. and 105 Ave., Edmonton. Free presentation and discussion. No registration required. Refreshments at 6:30 pm+

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