Gourmet Street Food, Christmas Trees Showdown, Slave Lake Stories

Food trucks in Ottawa line the street during the summer (Photo Credit: Cynthia Zullo- http://www.flickr.com/photos/cynnerz/)

Food trucks in Ottawa line the street during the summer (Photo Credit: Cynthia Zullo- http://www.flickr.com/photos/cynnerz/)

This week we’re headed to Ottawa with Brett Throop to learn about the newest generation of street food to hit the city. We’ll also revisit a few great pieces by contributors Hamdi Issawi and Kyle Muzyka. We’ll take a look at how you can pick the most environmentally friendly Christmas tree for the upcoming season (the answers may surprise you), and then hear some stories about the human side of the 2011 Slave Lake wildfire.

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Fresh Street Food in Ottawa

When most people picture street food, we’re on the lookout for the eponymous food truck, complete with hotdogs, burgers and mini donuts. The City of Ottawa’s new street-food vending program, however, has taken a different tactic on an old story. Many of the new street food vendors are using local and sustainably grown ingredients to cook up gourmet dishes, right on the street. Brett Throop gets us the delicious details.

Links: Ottawa Street Food locator, City of Ottawa list of vendors, GongfuBao twitter, GongfuBao facebook

Christmas Tree Showdown

We’re starting to get to that time of year when many of us are on the lookout for a new Christmas tree for our living rooms. We’re usually faced with one of two options: springing for the real deal, or going artificial. But who wins in the ecological showdown between the two types of trees? Each has its pros and cons, but when it when it comes to deciding which is naughty and which is nice, the answer isn’t so cut-and-dried. Before sprucing up your den this holiday season, you might want to hear some of the facts, which Hamdi Issawi will take us through.

Links: Ellipsos, Kansas State University Saint Joseph’s University

Slave Lake: After the Fire

Slave Lake is about two and a half hours north of Edmonton. In May of 2011, tragedy struck when a raging inferno rolled through part of the town. Two years later, Slave Lake resident Kyle Muzyka shares his story, along with some stories from Len Ramsey’s book, The Sky was on Fire, a book about the struggles of the residents of Slave Lake during that time. Ramsey is more than just a fellow resident of the town – he was also a teacher of Kyle’s.

What’s Happening

 Residents of Kamloops, British Colombia, be sure to put on your warmest winter attire and come out for the 16th Annual “Wildlights Festival”.  This special Kamloops Winter event will give the entire family an opportunity to visit with your favorite animals and enjoy some wilderness themed Holiday lights.  All your favorite creatures of the Canadian wilderness including wolves, moose, and black bears are looking forward to sharing the holidays with you!  This event is taking place at the BC Wildlife Park of Kamloops beginning December 13th and ending on January 5th of 2014.  Admission for all adults is $14.95 and $10.95 for children.

Links: BC Wildlife Park

To all of you Terra Informa listeners who also happen to be foodies living in Vancouver, here is some great news for you.  The Yaletown Farmers Market of Vancouver is not only extending it’s Winter hours but also will be the only mid-week market open this Winter.  If you want to continue to buy fresh and local produce including your favorite vegetables and herbs through December then come to the Yaletown Market every Thursday until December 19th, located in Curtis Square Vancouver.

Links: Yaletown Farmer’s Market 

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