Haiyan Hits Close to Home, and Chris Hadfield Comes Back to Earth

Albert Ramos speaks with Terra Informa's Jessica Kozlowski

Albert Remus Rosana tells Terra Informa about the Philippines’ evolving experience with typhoons like Haiyan (Photo: Trevor Chow-Fraser)

This week on the show, we have a story that expresses the reality of our changing way of life on this planet, and a story that takes us to a place away from that. A native of the Philippines, now residing in Alberta, tells us about what makes Typhoon Haiyan so deadly and at the same time part of a pattern. Then, Commander Chris Hadfield takes us to realms most can only visit in their imaginations.

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Haiyan Hits Close to Home

When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on November 7th, 2013 it became one of the strongest storms on record to ever make landfall. A category 5 super cyclone, it has been devastating. For Albert Remus Rosana, it was more than just another news story—not just another warning about climate change. He came to the University of Alberta from Laguna, a province near the Philippine capital of Manilla. Today, he tells us what made Typhoon Haiyan such an extraordinarily deadly disaster. And how this one storm fits into the ongoing disaster of global climate change. Jessica Kozlowski and Trevor Chow-Fraser spoke with Albert Remus Rosana in Edmonton.

Until December 23, the Canadian government will be match donations to registered Canadian charities in support of relief efforts in the Philippines.

A Canadian Star Comes Back to Earth

Most of us will never know what it’s like being in space. We’ve all seen the pictures of that familiar, glowing blue and green orb out the window of a spaceship. We know what the that golden crescent we see in the sky every night really looks like. We have rich imaginations and an ages long fascination with what could be out there beyond the sky. But what does space smell like? What does it really feel like to know the vastness of it all? Our own Matt Hirji talked with Commander Chris Hadfield to try and understand questions like these.

What’s Happening

Yukon: COF Excellence in Water Stewardship Award

The Government of Yukon invites you to nominate a commendable water steward for the 2014 Council of the Federation (COF) Excellence in Water Stewardship Award. The COF Excellence in Water Stewardship Award recognizes outstanding achievement, innovative practice and leadership in the area of water stewardship. The award is given to organizations, partnerships, businesses, institutions, municipalities, or community groups across Canada to recognize their contribution in helping Canadians and their governments to be responsible water stewards. There will be one recipient of this award in Yukon who will receive a certificate, a distinctive glass statuette and $1000.

Nominations are due by January 14, 2014.

Nelson: GMO Foods and Health

Two renowned Canadian scientists, Drs Thierry Vrain and Shiv Chopra, will be arriving in Nelson, BC on December 6th, as part of a cross Canada Speaker’s Tour. They will answer questions and concerns regarding genetically modified foods and human health.

The event is from 7 to 9pm at the Nelson United Church, 602 Silica Street, and is free to the public. It offers an opportunity to learn from a genetic engineer what GMOs are, and about safety testing from a former Health Canada scientific advisor. Earlier the same day, Drs Vrain and Chopra will present in Castlegar at 12 noon at Selkirk College, room K-11. Dr. Thierry Vrain is a retired soil biologist and genetic engineer who — after a 30-year career with Agriculture Canada – is now very worried about what GE technology holds for our future. Dr. Shiv Chopra, a former Health Canada senior scientific advisor who blew the whistle on inadequate testing of Monsanto’s GE bovine growth hormone (rBGH), will explain why he believes the regulatory process can be compromised to serve corporate interests.

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