Leaving a Legacy: Part Two

Linda Duncan and the Terra Informa Team. Photo Credit: Natalee Rawat

Linda Duncan and the Terra Informa Team.
Photo Credit: Natalee Rawat

On 7 January 2014, Terra Informa broadcast live from Edmonton’s City Hall to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our home station, CJSR 88.5 FM. Last week was Part One of that show. This week is the final act: Part Two with Linda Duncan. She’s Alberta’s sole NDP MP, and an environmental lawyer.

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Linda Duncan on Legal Legacies

CJSR turns 30 this year, and Terra Informa has been around for over a decade of that. We’ve had our share of recurring guests over the years: a bicycle traffic reporter, a wildlife documentarian… even a garbage guy.

But, one of Alberta’s more famous politicians has also joined us many times on the show: Linda Duncan.

Linda is the Honorable Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona, and the only New Democrat MP in the province.

She’s also had a long career as a lawyer, founder of the Environmental Law Centre of Alberta, and active citizen helping shape Edmonton’s landscape.Formerly the NDP Environment Critic in the House of Commons until 2011, Linda Duncan currently the Official Opposition Critic for Western Economic Development.

She joined Terra Informa’s Chris Chang-Yen Phillips on our live show at Edmonton’s City Hall to talk about some of the legacy she’s tried to build in environmental issues in Canada, and the legacy today’s leaders are leaving for future generations.

Links: Linda Duncan on the Cancun Climate ConferenceLinda Duncan on students and Canada’s environmental movementLinda Duncan on upholding environmental law in Canada

Photo Credit: Natalee Rawat

Photo Credit: Natalee Rawat


“Simple” by Gord Oaks:

Gord Oaks is an Edmonton-based musician/percussionist. He’s explored and learned musical styles and instruments spanning across cultures from around the globe including West African, Afro-Cuban and South Asia. This is Simple by Gord Oaks.

Link: The song 

“Oil in the Ground” by Greg Rekus:

Greg Rekus is a solo riot folk musician from Winnipeg releasing a new album called Punkoustic this month. Here’s a track from Punkoustic, a slick number Oil in the Ground.

Link: Greg’s website

Photo credit: Natalee Rawat

Photo credit: Natalee Rawat

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