Changing the Conversation

A snaking river winds its way through a wide mountain valley

The Wind River is one of six navigable rivers that make up the vast waterway system of the Peel River Watershed.

This week, don’t fear the tears. Terra Informa takes a hard look at a threatening future and has to ask the question, what are we thinking? We’ll get an analysis of the troubled plans for a parcel of Canada’s North that stretches far beyond the horizon. And a person who spends all their time thinking about the far future tries to get the rest of us to look beyond the next quarter. We’re examining the at times ineffective processes that we have in place to protect the land and plan for the future.

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Protecting the Peel

Morgana Folkmann speaks with Kiri Staples about the break in the Yukon Peel Watershed Planning commission. The Peel Watershed in Yukon Territory is  a piece of mostly pristine wild, the size of New Brunswick. Under a 2004 commission, a plan was hammered out, taking into consideration the many diverse perspectives of the various stakeholders. While the Four governments representing aboriginal groups in the territory accepted the final agreement, the Yukon government modified the plan, creating a very different vision.

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Alex Steffen, Planetary Futurist

In today’s fast paced milieu, chasing the here and now can blind us from the dangers that lie ahead —  just past the horizon. Our conversations are often dominated by present concerns… with very little credence given to the impacts that our current decisions will have on our world in the future.
According to journalist and sustainability advocate Alex Steffen, it’s time to stop looking at the second hand on our watch. We need to look up and begin to think about what kind of world we’re leaving to our grandchildren.

Alex Steffen is a self-described planetary futurist. He sits down with Matt Hirji while at the University of Alberta’s International Week.

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What’s Happening

In Lethbridge, the Helen Schuler Nature Centre is celebrating their grand re-opening. Festivities take place from February 27 to March 8, everyday from 10-6. There’s a huge variety of events – from a Waste Challenge with the City of Lethbridge, a family Fun Snow Boot Run and building scavenger hunts all week.

The Victoria Seed Library offers free access to seeds and seed saving education. Their goal is to support local food security and steward our region’s biodiversity. Locally-raised seeds are more resilient and better adapted to the soil and microclimate.

You must become a member of the Victoria Seed Library in order to participate. Membership is free and includes access to seeds, classes and other resources. The next orientation session is March 8th from 10-11:30 in the Central Branch Library in Victoria BC in the Central Meeting Room.  Register at or call the library for more information.

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