Them’s The Eats

Hawkers' Market in Edmonton (Photo credit: Trevor Chow-Fraser)

Hawkers’ Market in Edmonton. Photo: Trevor Chow-Fraser.

This week we’re all about FOOD. First off, we’re questioning our food. What does it mean to eat the way we do? Next, it’s about seeing what alternatives could appear—or crawl—onto our plates. And last but not least, we’re on the ground to check out an experiment: what happens when street food goes indoors.

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Eating Meaningfully

Our first story comes from Danielle Dolgoy, Nadia McKenzie and Logan Murphy and it’s all about the relationship we have with our food. They speak with David Santo, a graduate student in gastronomy; Stefano Fiata of the CBC’s “In the Kitchen with Stefano Fiata”; and Alex Oster who helped found the Concordia Food Systems Project.

Links: Concordia Food Systems Project, In the Kitchen with Stefano Fiata (CBC)


The studies are in: meat production is a costly beast. So other than ditching meat and jumping on the vegetarian bandwagon, what IS an omnivore to do? Rachael Young, conservation biologist and entomophagy educator has one answer… and it’s actually pretty convincing. Imagine a luscious green salad with a tasty side of…flies? Rachael has been challenging the norm of traditional protein sources by advocating entomophagy–the practice of eating insects by treating them as a kind of minilivestock and cultivating. To learn more, Yvette Thompson called up Rachael to ask her about her mission and about how eating bugs can help create a more sustainable food system.

Links: Eat Yummy BugsUN FAO reportInsect-AttitudesDavid Gracer’s websiteFuture Food Salon


In the middle of a long, cold Canadian winter, how’s a food truck vendor supposed to put food on their table? Well for a few days out of the year, they can sell their tasty wares at an event called the Hawkers Market. Started in Vancouver, Hawkers Market is now hosting events in Calgary and Edmonton too. Terra Informa’s Danielle Dolgoy and Trevor Chow-Fraser checked out the latest Edmonton edition to see what’s being served up as the newest trend in  slow food.

Links: Hawkers Market website, Slow Food Edmonton

What’s Happening

Operation Donation 2014
For those more interested in giving than receiving, Winnipeg Harvest’s annual food drive, Operation Donation, will be running March 3rd to the 7th. During this week schools in your community will be collecting non-perishable items to help supply more than 350 agencies that feed Manitoban families in need.

Vertical Vegetable Workshop
On Thursday March 6th, visit the Vertical Vegetable Workshop and learn how to grow tall plants small spaces. Local expert Ken Brown will be there to give your green thumb a helping hand. The time is 7:00pm and the place is the Cyril Clark Public Library in Brampton, Ontario. This is a FREE event, but space is limited, so if you’re interested, be sure to register online with Toronto and Region Conservation.

Vegan Bake-off!
On March 23rd,  the 6th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-off will take place at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto, ON. Tickets start at $10.00 for two plates (that’s 4-6 treats), with additional plates running at $5.00 a piece–there’s over 50 entries to choose from so a couple extra plates might come in handy). The fun starts at 2:00pm. Tickets are available online so get ’em while they’re hot.

Saskatoon Seedy Saturday & Eco-Fair
On Saturday March 8th, the16th Saskatoon Seedy Saturday and Eco-Fair will be taking place at St. Mary Elementary School in Saskatoon, SK. Attendees can look forward to educational workshops, keynote presentation, and a free seed exchange. It’s also a great way to promote environmentally friendly or sustainably-minded local business. This event runs from 11:00am-4:00pm

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