Do Personal Actions Matter?

Pacific ocean plastic on an Oregon public beach (Credit:

Pacific ocean plastic on an Oregon public beach (Credit:

On this week’s show we ask a big question: how much of an effect can we really have at an individual level?

We take you first to a story about a woman who decided to challenge herself to live without plastic for a year: an absolutely monumental task. Next, we’re looking at those global awareness campaigns we always hear so much about, specifically Earth Hour. What kind of impact do they really have? And last but not least, we look at energy efficiency. How can we make a very practical means of combatting climate change more appealing?

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A Year Without Plastic

Try to make it sixty seconds without using anything made out of plastic. Think about objects that you use day to day. Every minute even. The clothes on your back even. Short of moving into the woods, it’s virtually impossible to live a 100% plastic free year, let alone a lifetime. Hamdi Issawi spoke to Taina Uitto who is trying just such a challenge.  He reached her by phone in Denman Island, BC to talk about her plastic-free life. A documentary chronicling  Taina’s challenge is due for release this April; it’s called From The Waste Up.

Links: From The Waste Up website , Plastic Manners5 GyresPlastic Breaks Down in Ocean,  After All–And Fast (National Geographic)

Earth/Your Hour

How does an environmental awareness campaign drive us to actually change our behaviours? Does turning off the tap, shutting off the lights or taking reusable grocery bags really contribute to the global good? Or more importantly, how seriously do we take our individual roles in mitigating the changing climate? World Wildlife Fund’s international Earth Hour campaign asks you and I to cut the lights. Shut down the power. And think about the repercussions. Yvette Thompson investigates how Earth Hour is creating dialogue about energy use, and about how WWF is using the lightswitch as it’s poster child for change.  She spoke with  some enthusiastic Edmontonians, and David Miller, the current president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund Canada.

Earth Hour is on March 29th this year.

Links: Earth Hour, World Wildlife Fund

The Power of Energy Efficiency

We all know that sexy sells, and so many gadgets built to save the world encourage us to buy to save. But what is really most effective? What about simply saving electricity? Using energy more efficiently can have a much bigger and immediate impact when it comes to tackling climate change. Our reporter Trevor Chow-Fraser was in Washington earlier this winter, and paid Craig Isakow a visit. He’s part of WegoWise, a company that’s on the forefront of making energy efficiency the sexy issue that it needs to be.

Links: WegoWise, Craig Isakow

What’s Happening

Volunteer with Climate Change Projects

If you’ve got a climate change project that could use a little help, it just so happens that some Yukon College students are looking for something to do this summer. The Northern Environmental Change and Community Adaptation Field School is offering to help collect, document, and analyze information for climate change projects in the territory. Interested parties will need to submit a project proposal in order to be considered, and the application deadline is March 21st . Learn more about this opportunity at the Yukon College website,

 Young Agrarians Spring Mixer

A little further south, the Young Agrarians will be hosting a Spring Mixer and Sleep-over at the Seven Springs Camp & Retreat Centre in Nanoose Bay On March 22nd and 23rd. If you’re a Vancouver Island agrarian in your salad days, this is a great opportunity to swap seeds, trade tips, and field ideas with a few of your fellow farmers. Food and fees are by donation, so bring a dish you’d like to share and give what you can. Money raised will help support future Young Agrarian events on the Island. For registration and more information, check out their website

 Honey Bee Biology & Season of the Hive

 How much do you know about the humble honey bee? On Saturday March 22nd, the Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace in Toronto, ON, will be abuzz with fascinating facts about Honey Bee Biology and the Seasons of the Hive. Hosts Fran Freeman and Hillary Connolly will fill you in on all the fun and fascinating facts on our fuzzy little friends. For example, did you know that bees smell with their antennae and taste with their feet? Tickets are $15, though Miso Members get in free (a sweet deal if you ask me). Don’t be a drone! Visit for more details

 Gimmi Some Truth

 The 6th Annual Gimmi Some Truth Film Documentary Festival will be running March 20th to the 23rd at the Cinematheque Theater in Winnipeg, MB. This is a four day event bringing audiences and filmmakers together to discuss issues surrounding the documentary form and the effect it has on our culture. Sit in on a panel discussion, master class, workshop, or just come by to catch a few flicks. Film buffs can even expect to find artists like Peter Mettler, John Greyson, and John Walker in attendance. If this is your sort of scene, act now and head to to get your tickets.

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