I Wanna Be Heard! Dear Harper + Defend Our Climate

Two men in suits hold hands in front of stone steps.

What do kitchen tables, fish and weddings have in common? Well, this week takes us to three different stories of people following their passion for engaging people, all in different forms. Anna Hovland of the Winnipeg band, Dust Adam Dust tells us about their motivation for starting a video messaging campaign aimed at Stephen Harper. Mark Poesch shares that moment that inspired him to save fish. Finally, Terra Informa was present at the Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities rally in Edmonton to witness the marriage between Foss L. Fuel and Govern Mint.

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The Dear Harper Project

It’s easy to feel frustrated with the political process in this day and age. Many sense a disconnect from those we elect. Fortunately, there are many people and organizations devoted to engaging governments and holding them accountable to voters. The band Dust Adam Dust started a video message project that captures and sends your messages to the Prime Minister. The project was inspired by Dust Adam Dust‘s newest song “Harper Narcisse”; sort of like a video-letter writing campaign from the kitchen table. We spoke with a member of the band Dust Adam Dust, Anna Hovland, about her project and their upcoming launch on May 15th in Winnipeg.

Intrigued by this project? Here’s some more information. If you want to hear more of the band and their gazey art-pop, check out Dust Adam Dust’s website or follow ’em on Twitter.

Eye-Opener: Mark Poesch

Mark Poesch spoke on our show a little while back about the impact of the Obed Mine coal tailings spill on fish downstream. As part of that conversation, we got to talking about why Mark loves fish so much. Turns out he started out just loving fishing! But there came a moment when he realized that the fish he loved to catch were going to disappear forever. All because we’re taking really poor care of their habitats.

As part of our ongoing Eye-Opener series, Mark Poesch shares the moment that turned him into a conservation biologist. Find out more about Mark and his work at The Poesch Lab.

Climate Change Rally

On May 10th, Terra Informa was present at the National Day of Action in Edmonton for the Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities rally and march. A very special marriage ceremony celebrating the union between Foss L. Fuel and Govern Mint took place, with a surprising turn of events. We also spoke with a few people at the action.

Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities has lots more background to read up on. And if you were really into this action check out a video of the ceremony.

All photos credited to Trevor Chow-Fraser.

What’s Happening

Trails End Community Garden: Gardening Workshops in Yellowknife

Trails End Community Garden is hosting two workshops this month in Yellowknife that you might be interested in checking out. On May 24, learn how to build a compost bin with Marc Casas at the Trails End Community Garden. He’ll show you how to build your own bin with a cheap, abundant local resource: wooden pallets! Then on May 31, head out to their Garage and Seedling Sale fundraiser. The Community Garage Sale is at Trails End and 49A Avenue.

Inuvik Petroleum Show

Coming up in Inuvik from June 23 to June 26, it’s the Inuvik Petroleum Show. Over 500 participants from around Canada meet annually in Inuvik for this oil and gas sector conference. If you want to stay up to date on Arctic resource development, devolution, and emerging energy sources in the Northwest Territories, this is the place to be. Premier Bob McLeod, Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson, and representatives from energy companies like ConocoPhillips operating in Northwest Territories will all be speaking. Register online.

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