Can Mushrooms Save the World?

A wine bottle laying in two-part package that looks similar to styrofoam but is made from mushrooms.

Today, we return to a classic episode from almost two years ago. We’re looking at eco-packaging, those environmentally friendly, biodegradable packing materials that are slowly making inroads into the once unbreachable domain of styrofoam. Listen as we put Ecovative’s mushroom-based packaging through its paces and we talk to an industrial designer and a biomaterials developer about how far we can expect these sustainable materials to go in replacing petroleum based products.

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Ecocradle Packaging

How well does mushroom packaging stand up to the tried and tested styrofoam? Two of our brave volunteers, Malaika and Matt, decided to find out. They did some research on Ecovative’s fascinating mushroom packaging before putting it through a series of tests. How does well does Ecocradle insulate an egg? Is Ecocradle edible? Matt and Malaika answered these questions and more.

Eco-Babble: Fairy Rings & Fungi

Have you ever seen a perfectly round ring of mushrooms, growing in a forest, on grass or elsewhere? Today we to look into these rings, some suggestions about why they appear, and the long-appreciated benefits of fungi in general.

How far can sustainable materials really take us?

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips asks the Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre‘s Trevor Kloeck what’s actually possible to make with sustainable materials. Then he asks University of Alberta design professor Tim Antoniuk if what a consumer sees reflects a product’s actual green credentials, and whether we can get trapped by waiting for technological fixes to environmental problems.

New! Václav Hálek’s mushroom songs

Václav Hálek is a Czech concert pianist, mycologist and classical composer. He has written thousands of compositions all based on what he hears when he looks at a mushroom. We’ve added a few tracks to the end of the show taken from The Musical Atlas of Mushrooms. See if you can identify the mushrooms by their song!

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