Friend or Food? And Other Musings

Image Credit: Tanakawho

Image Credit: Tanakawho

This week on Terrainforma, we speak with David Schindler and Kamal Bawa about the chasm between science and policy. Danielle gives us the rundown on edible container gardening, and Kieran O’Donovan questions what makes for acceptable meat-eating.

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Mind the Gap

Let’s be honest. Science rules. It’s how we learn what’s going on beneath our feet and up in space. There would be a lot that we would be missing out on without having some understanding of the laws of matter. However, this gleaming enthusiasm for science doesn’t necessarily reflect in government policy. So what do the scientists have to say about the gap?

Trevor Chow-Fraser and Yvette Thompson were curious and took it up with David Schindler and Kamal Bawa when they came to Edmonton to receive honorary degrees for their work in science and policy.

Dispatches from the Dirt

Gardening for food is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life for people all over the world. When we consider the future of our planet, developing sustainable food systems begins at home. Terrainforma’s Danielle Dolgoy gives us the scoop about about edible container gardening.

Friend or Food?

When is an animal a friend and when is it food? Kieran O’Donovan straddles an interesting line that gives him a unique perspective on when an animal is a friend, and when it’s dinner. He’s a wildlife biologist and documentary filmmaker, but when he goes home to the Yukon, he’s also a hunter. Terra Informa’s Natalee Rawat discusses with Kieran about how he sees our relationships with other animals.

What’s Happening

Driftwood Art Competition – Fredericton, NB, Main Beach, Mack-ta-cack Provincial Park: July 1 1-4 PM

Come and view the sculptures made using stuff found at the beach. The rules for this art competition are:  use anything found at the beach, but, your creation must include some driftwood. You can also join in creating Driftwood Paintings with Acrylic paint (supplies will be provided). This event is free to participate in, but there is an $8 vehicle entry fee to enter the park
Visit for more information.

Yoga at the Garden – Lethbridge, AB, Niko Yuka Japanese Garden: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:15-10 AM

It’s just their luck for those yogis looking to the great outdoors this summer, because the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden will be hosting yoga in their garden. You can register at the visitor center of the Japanese Garden. Buy a block of 5 or ten classes or pay the drop in fee of $15. Visit for more information.

Moonlight Hike & Wolf Howl – Manitoulin Island, ON, Gordon’s Park Eco Resort: June 29 8 PM

Moonlight Hike & Wolf Howl is an orientation about wolves and their habitats and the type of species that can be found on Manitoulin Island. Participants will also call for wolves, search for their tracks and watch for other signs of wildlife on a guided educational nature hike. A howling competition around the campfire with really great wolf souvenir prizes follows the hike. Registration is $15.00 per person or $35 a family (2 Adults and kids under 16.) Tax is included. There are limited spots, so call to register! The number is 705-859-2470. You can also email or check out for more information.

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