La Puya Protests and Sci-Fi as a Glimpse into the Future

Open pit mine in desert.

This week on Terrainforma we give you the run-down on the eviction of La Puya In Guatemala, the usefulness of Science-Fiction beyond your basic entertainment value, and how to make a tasty meal out of those cattails that would otherwise be sittin’ pretty.

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La Puya Protests

Neo-liberal exploitation, whether in our own backyards, or in others’, has unfortunately become par for the course in today’s global economy. Local residents of San Jose del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc in Guatemala had been peacefully leading a protest against the contruction of a Canadian turned US based mining company for two years until they were recently broken up by the Guatemalan police. Tasmia Nishat speaks with Robert Mercatante, director of the Guatemalan Human Rights Commission office, about the protests and transnational phenomenon in Guatemala. Check out the GHRC’s websitetwitter, or Facebook for ways you can get involved.

Lenses on the Future

Not everyone likes reading books about the future. Unless you already read science fiction, speculative fiction, or science-fiction as they’re collectively called, you might feel like the whole genre is just about slapstick robots and Orion slave girls. To be fair, some of it is about slapstick robots and Orion slave girls. But SF can also teach us a lot about the way we live today. And help us imagine something different. For more on why your summer reading list should venture into the world of ansibles, hyperspace, and pigoons, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips spoke to Brandon Schatz, manager of Wizard Comics in Edmonton. Find our more about the three comic book/graphic novel series that Brandon recommended:

Girl Gone Wild: Cooking Cattails

In this week’s edition of Girl Gone Wild, wildlife documentarian Jamie Pratt took Terra Informa’s Chris Chang-Yen Phillips out to cook up some cattails from her family’s backyard pond. Check out Girls Gone Wild on Twitter.

What’s Happening

Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) The CCEMC has $65 million in funding available for projects that will help Alberta reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Successful projects will focus on energy efficiency and conservation, carbon capture and storage, or cleaner energy production and use. The deadline is August 28, 2014. Click here for more information.

Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing Tour CEP Toronto presents A Tour of Celestica’s Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facility. In this event, attendees will tour Celestica’s advanced manufacturing facility and learn about the role Sustainability plays in Celestica’s business strategy and how they embed Sustainability into existing processes and departments. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and register soon. Limited spots available. If you are interested in carpooling, please indicate this when completing your event registration, and organizers will do their best to match attendees. Click here to register. For more information, you can email

Wednesday Night Walks: Bee-hind the Scenes On Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 7:00-8:30 PM Guelph, ON The University of Guelph will be hosting a bee-themed night walk. Come learn about the native, and non-native, bees working behind the scenes to pollinate our nation. We will then get to see some of these creatures at work in The Arboretum! Adult/youth are $2, and children under 5 are free. Visit the website for more information or contact 519 824 4120 exit 52358 or email

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