Stories that Sizzle

Nearly-naked cyclists zoom by in Albany, NY

The World Naked Bike Ride is celebrated in many different cities, as Halifax organizer Ben Caplan tells us on this week’s show

The dog days of summer are upon us, and in keeping with the climate, this week’s show is sizzling. From naked cyclists to incendiary writers, and fiery film to free range eggs.

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How To Ride A Bike Naked (with lots of other people)

Ben Caplan is a singer-songwriter hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A few years back, he helped organize a local event for World Naked Bike Ride. Since you really only want to do this sort of thing in the heat of summer, Trevor Chow-Fraser asked Ben to help put together a little how-to guide for hosting a Naked Bike Ride in your town.

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Film Review: A Fierce Green Fire

From the dams of the Grand Canyon to the promise of the Kyoto Protocol, A Fierce Green Fire covers fifty years of the environmental movement while highlighting it’s victories along the way. Written and directed by Mark Kitchell, the documentary is inspired by Philip Shabecoff’s book of the same name, and regularly features the author himself to share the American perspective on events that garnered change through solidarity and media attention. This week, Terra Informa’s Natalee Rawat shares her take on this Cole’s Notes of environmental activism.

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The Magic of Environmental Writing

Do you ever wonder why some authors can make their words ring out and sizzle right off the page, but some can’t write a catchy sentence to save their life? Terra Informer Chris Chang-Yen Phillips has been curious for a while about the difference between two writers from the early days of the American conservation movement: Aldo Leopold and John Muir. Why is there so much poetry, so much fire in Leopold’s books? Chris was snowshoeing in Kananaskis a little while ago with ecology grad students Paul Cigan and Sonya Odsen. You can imagine his glee when he overheard them talking about just this question.

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Eco-babble: What Does it Mean to be a Free Range Egg?

Scrambled, poached, sunny side up. Whether they came before the chicken, or the chicken before them, eggs are a breakfast staple. Terra Informa’s Nicole Wiart brings us an EcoBabble – where she enlists some local farmers to try to break down the term “free range.” It’s just one of the many terms that you can find on a carton of eggs – but as you’ll soon find out, defining free range is not as simple as it sounds.

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What’s Happening

Intertidal Wonderland

On August 9, the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPEC) will be leading a walk along the intertidal zone starting at Vancouver’s Stanley Park Pavilion. From armored sea cucumbers to red feather duster worms, this waterside wonderland is supposed to be an out-of-this-world experience, so bring your curiosity and a good pair of rubber boots. The walk runs from 10:00am to 12:30pm and the cost is only $10 ($5 for SPEC members).

Milner Gardens At Show

This Saturday, August 8, travel to Qualicum Beach to support local artists as they paint, sketch and photograph Milner Gardens. There will be live music, a tea room with refreshments, and a silent auction. You can visit between 10:00am and 4:30pm on Saturday or Sunday.

Master Composting in Winnipeg

If you like worms, dirt, and rotting food, then the City of Winnipeg has just the course for you. The Green Action Centre is hosting a 12-hour Master Composting program that teaches the details of composting including sessions on soil health, compost maturity, and vermi-composting activities to name a few. Participants will also receive an in-depth composting manual. This event takes place in September, but the deadline to apply is August 25. Applicants must be least 18 years old to apply.

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