Save The Petrels! Veggie Eggs



This week on Terra Informa, we discuss how bringing life into the world can change perception of life on the whole planet. We will cover the demise of the sea-faring petrels and how to reverse its population trends. And finally, we introduce a new generation of egg.

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Eye-opener: Aurélie Arnaud on Giving Birth

From time to time, we bring you Eye-openers: moments that have dramatically shifted how you look at the environment. This week, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips brings you a story from Aurélie Arnaud, a Montreal woman whose experience as a mother has sharpened the way she see the state of the planet.

Aleutian Seabirds

This next story is little ditty about a seabird in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The petrel is a bird that spends its entire life at sea, only landing on remote islands to copulate. But, things have gone from bad to worse for this seabird in recent years and many biologists are hatching up ideas to help the petrel population survive in an era of marked by climate change and overfishing. Some of these ideas even have 80s rockers tapping their toes and thinking about our responsibility to protect the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems. Matt Hirji talked to Rachel Buxton about her research into the area.

Plant-Based Eggs

Which came first? The chicken? Or the egg? In Josh Tetrick’s California-based facility, the eggs they’re scrambling are coming to you from broken-down plant protein. Hampton Creek Foods was founded on the sensibility of sustainability, and concern for the planet. How to feed a rapidly growing population of more than 7 billion people? Food technology is an undeniable part of our future and Tetrick speaks to Natalee Rawat about his motives behind creating the first plant based egg.

What’s Happening

Environment and Sustainability Series: Beekeeping – September 16, Montreal, Quebec

The PGSS Environment Committee and Green Drinks Montreal will again be offering a once monthly series on all things related to the environment and sustainability. This year, events will take place from 5-7pm in the Thomson House basement located on theMcGill downtown campus. The first event on September 16 will be on urban apiculture (beekeeping) and honey production. There’ll be folks responsible for the hive at Thomson House this summer on hand to talk about urban bees, answer questions and maybe even provide some honey tasting. Light refreshments will be served. All welcome!

Hike Nova Scotia Fall Guided Hike Series – September through November, Nova Scotia

Hike Nova Scotia and 17 host organizations across the province have partnered up to offer the 2014 Fall Guided Hike series in September, October and November. There are 43 hikes led by local folks and participants qualify to win “trail prizes.” Hike NS thanks its partners for organizing the hikes on the ground. Check out the list of events here:

Urban Fruit Trees | Beyond the Backyard Urban Gardening Workshop – September 14, Toronto, Ontario

September is the best time to order your fruit tree for an early spring delivery, but how do you pick the best one for your sites unique conditions? Join Susan Poizner  of fruit tree consulting company Orchard People at Evergreen Brickworks at 1 PM as she takes you through the process of evaluating your site, exploring pollination requirements, root stock properties, harvest times, disease resistance and more.

Ashbridge Estate Tour – September 9, Toronto, Ontario

Come explore the living heritage of historic Ashbridge Estate from 6-8 PM located on Queen Street East and Greenwood Avenue. Discover trees planted by the Ashbridge family during their two centuries of living here, and find out how the land has changed over time. Learn about conservation arboriculture techniques used today to maintain the beautiful old trees on the property. Hear the story behind Emma’s Willow, planted over one hundred years ago and still going strong! The suggested donation is $5, and registration is recommended.


  1. Plant-based eggs sounds like a good idea. When I went vegetarian I always struggled with not having eggs or else using eggs and having a bad conscience. But there are so many foods, like cakes, where I just couldn’t cope without eggs that I wished I would have had a ready substitute.

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