Which costs matter most? FunDrive 2014, Part One

It’s our annual community radio fundraiser, and we’re bringing some special guests into the studio! Today, we present an interview with science journalist Torah Kachur. She’s always on the quest for fascinating, fun, geeky and sometimes freaky science news. She shares the journey she’s taken over the past half decade, and why radio is the best. Then, Dr. Alan Lockwood tells us why coal is anything but the best, and why Alberta’s power plants are costing more than we think.

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Torah Kachur

Our first guest is no stranger to radio. You may recognize Torah Kachur as the science columnist on CBC Radio’s afternoon shows. Or you may have listened to her CBC summer show and podcast on waste and recycling, What A Waste.

Torah’s much more than just a public radio celebrity, though. For one, she studied here at the University of Alberta, earning a PhD in molecular genetics. And she’s also co-creator of the web video series Science In Seconds, which promises to “help you know everything” with its 2 minute explanations of scientific discoveries and controversies.

Torah Kachur joins us live in studio to talk about the journey that’s taken her from academia to life as a successful science journalist in Canada.

How Coal is Making Us Sick

Alberta is a unique province in a lot of ways. One of the ways we’re unique, though, is that we produce more power from coal-fired power plants than the rest of Canada combined. For a wealthy province in an industrialized country, our reliance on coal can make us seem like a relic from another era.

Our politicians have argued for years that it benefits us all though, because coal is so cheap. This week, American physician and author Dr. Alan Lockwood is in Alberta to argue that the costs of coal are greater than they seem. Chris Chang-Yen Phillips has the story.

Links: The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health, by Alan LockwoodA Costly Diagnosis: Subsidizing coal power with Albertans’ health

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