Healthy People Are Storied People: Fundrive 2014 Part Two


It’s part two of our annual community radio fundraiser. Dr. Dwayne Donald talks about this city known as Edmonton and the missing stories that haunt it. He’s talking about First Nations stories, and his work focuses on reintroducing these aboriginal narratives, concepts and values into our education system. We’ll also hear the backstory on one of our longtime contributors, Morgana Folkmann, as we send her off on her next journey.

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Dwayne Donald

Our education system is often considered to be prescriptive, directing teachers explicitly what and how they should teach their students. And there’s a historic education that is continually missing—the stories of Aboriginal peoples before colonization. So are we taking the right medicine? Dr. Dwayne Donald is passionate about reframing curriculum to include sharing history through story. Dr. Donald’s Blackfoot name is Aipioomahkaa, meaning long-distance runner—which is fitting as he works to reframe how we perceive Canadian knowledge from long ago into meaningful connections today. Yvette Thompson sat down with Dr. Donald to learn more.

Morgana Folkmann

Our longtime contributor Morgana’s sultry voice won’t be heard too much on Terra Informa anymore. Life is sweeping her away on other adventures, and we don’t know when she’ll be back. She’s been volunteering at CJSR for longer than any of us, so for this FunDrive special, we asked her to come share what she’s learned from being part of the team, and what’s so special about community radio.

Closing Music

Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen: “Miskojonia – Red Gold ft. William Commanda” from the album One Nation.

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