Sharing The Stage: Melina Laboucan-Massimo and Crystal Lameman

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In the past month, we’ve been privileged to see some of the biggest names in Canada’s environmental scene, including David Suzuki and Naomi Klein. We’ll share our analysis of these latest tours, today. But we’re even more excited to bring you conversations with two activists who shared the stage with these bigger names. While lesser known, their life journeys and struggles are well worth paying attention to.

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Changing Tactics with the Blue Dot Tour

David Suzuki has been criticizing the Canadian government’s economy-at-all-costs approach for many years. But so far, it seems his efforts have little to show for it. So this year has seen the David Suzuki Foundation take a new approach and launch a new campaign. Here is Tasmia Nishat with her examination of Suzuki’s tactics in the Blue Dot Tour.

Melina Laboucan-Massimo and Crystal Lameman

Naomi Klein’s, This Changes Everything, brought her to speak in Edmonton last month at the annual non-fiction festival, LitFest. All eyes were on Naomi until the end of her talk when she introduced the audience to two First Nations activists.

Melina Laboucan-Massimo and Crystal Lameman told the large audience about the court case the Beaver Lake Cree First Nation has brought against the federal government, claiming over 17,000 violations of their treaty rights.

Terra Informa’s Natalee Rawat spoke to Melina and Crystal afterward about their lives as activists and the conversations they think we need to have surrounding climate change today.

This Changes Everything

Want to know more about the book? Trevor Chow-Fraser and Danielle Dolgoy give you a little rundown, followed by some reactions from audience members Maggie MacDonald and Raquel Feroe.

What’s Happening


Friday, November 28, 2014 it’s the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network’s annual youth-organized conference. The day will include powerful and inspiring workshops, activities, and discussions. GreenSpace has a mandate to educate, inspire, and build the capacity of youth, while mobilizing action for a more sustainable province.

QUEST 2014

From Monday December 1 to Wednesday December 3, 2014, the Westin Bayshore hotel in downtown Vancouver hosts BC Sustainable Energy Association’s 8th Annual Conference & Tradeshow. The theme of QUEST2014 is “Innovation to Implementation.”

Organizers are bringing together leading decision makers and practitioners from various levels of government; utilities; the real estate sector; technology & service providers; the energy industry; the finance sector; and other community energy stakeholders.

Canadian Bioeconomy Conference

From December 1 to 3, 2014, in Toronto, this conference will bring you the latest in renewable fuel industry news as well as a full range of sessions on the emerging bioeconomy. It will also build on the policy proposals outlined in CRFA’s new vision and action plan.

Speakers this year will include industry experts from around the world including keynote speaker Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail columnist; Catherine Cobden, chair of the Bioeconomy Network; David Boulard, Ensyn Technologies; Samuel Tumiwa, Asian Development Bank; Dan Gordon, MAPCO Express, Inc.; and many more.

Promoting More Sustainable Food Production

In Edmonton, the University of Alberta’s hosts a free lecture on December 3 at 2:30 pm. The talk is entitled Saving Biodiversity by Promoting More Sustainable Food Production with Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, World Wildlife Fund.

Jason Clay leads the work of WWF-US on agriculture, aquaculture, business and industry, finance. He has taught at Harvard and Yale and spent more than 25 years with human rights and environmental organizations.

In 1988, Dr. Clay invented Rainforest Marketing, one of the first fair-trade ecolabels in the United States, and was responsible for co-creating Rainforest Crunch and more than 200 other products with combined sales of $100 million.


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