Burnaby Mountain Protests & The Buffalo Child

Black and white photo of man in First Nations headdress standing in front of large stone on a snowy plain.

To learn more about this photo, please visit Cree Literacy.

You probably know that those protesting Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion in Burnaby, B.C. have been released. But did you know that five protesters are still facing a $5 million lawsuit? We speak to one of those named. We’ll also hear traditional story from Dr. Dwayne Donald, about The Buffalo Child and a certain rock well-known to First Nations on the plains.

Download Episode Updated 11 December 2014: sorry for the horrible soundtracking glitch!

Reminder: Upcoming Film Club

To celebrate the winter holidays, we’re holding a film-club. Join us to watch Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story. It’s streaming for free on Knowledge Network. Watch it, and tweet us your comments @terrainforma or email us at terra@cjsr.com. If you’re in Edmonton and would like to join in on the review, let us know before December 9, 2014.

The Story of the Buffalo Child

Math, geography and… storytelling? Teachers are regularly focused on a particular style of education that focuses on a prescribed curriculum. However the standard curriculum can lack voice, perspective and meaning without including one key aspect. Story. Dwayne Donald has challenged the norms on how we view education and curriculum through his unique position in the academic and Aboriginal communities. Dwayne toes the space between how and what we teach with his powerful message on curriculum.

Yvette Thompson spoke with Dwayne Donald, Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Alberta in September 2014. Today, we’re playing the story of The Buffalo Child, as told by Dwayne Donald.

Link: Dr. Dwayne Donald

Ecobabble: Ecosystem-Based Management

Recently on the show, you heard Tzeporah Berman. After helping stop logging in Clayoquot Sound, she joined forces with groups across B.C. to protect an even larger forest. The Great Bear Rainforest stretches all down the coast, over 30,000 square kilometers. It’s one of the last remaining temperate rainforests in the world, and home to iconic animals like the ghostly white Spirit Bears.

If you can’t keep the loggers out of an amazing forest like that, what’s the best way to let them in? One way is to implement “ecosystem-based management.”

Burnaby Mountain Protesters Hit With Lawsuit

Photo of Stephen Collis from Vancouver Observer. Click for original article.

One of the biggest news stories of November has been the protests taking place on Burnaby Mountain. Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan wants to triple the size of its Trans Mountain pipeline. At close to 1 million barrels per day, that would make it larger than Keystone XL and much larger than Northern Gateway too. So community leaders in Vancouver concerned about climate change aren’t too happy. And when they started to organize demonstrations and speak out, Kinder Morgan slapped them with a great big lawsuit.

Stephen Collis is one of the five people named in the suit. He’s a literature professor at Simon Fraser University and Trevor Chow-Fraser called him up earlier in December.

Links: Poetry Foundation News, Stephen Collis on Twitter, Beating The Bounds

Photos of Burnaby Mountain protests by Mark Klotz, freelance photographer on Flickr.


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