Edward Burtynsky & Powered Plants


We ask when you should let environmental issues speak for themselves, find out your thoughts on the unusually warm winter, and Science Faction tells us how nanotechnology is turning plants into self-powered machines of the future.

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Unusually Warm Winter

January 2015 was surprisingly balmy all over Alberta. While New York City and the East Coast of Canada were buried under with snow, many Edmontonians were frolicking outdoors. Corinna Demas hit the streets to ask people how they were enjoying the warm weather—and didn’t it make them feel a little bit worried?

Burtynsky’s Photos Speak For Themselves

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has photographed extreme landscapes made by humans: abandoned marble quarries, mountains of e-waste, never-ending freeways. Rather than putting any judgement on the people who created those landscapes, he tends to let his photographs speak for themselves.

Terra Informa’s Trevor Chow-Fraser works at the University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability and helped bring Edward Burtynsky to Edmonton for International Week in January 2014. That’s how Chris Chang-Yen Phillips got a chance to speak to the photographer about his approach.

Science Faction: Powered Plants

This episode of Science Faction brings us to the chemical engineering laboratory of Dr. Michael Strano of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where a group of scientists has developed a way to integrate microscopic technology into the leaves of plants, transforming them into the self-powered machines of the future.

If you enjoyed this episode of Science Faction, be sure to listen to their first story on fire ants.

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