We’re Bringing Sexy Back


We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day the only way we know how. We dive into the worlds of environmental activism, conservation and sustainable food, finding love and lust behind the headlines. It’s the return of The Sexy Show.

We find out if sex sells when the product is animal rights. We sample that classic love-drug known as chocolate. And we uncover the terrible cost of certain rumored aphrodisiacs, and the passionate conservationists trying to undo the damage.

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The Naked Tooth

From clothes to cars and booze to shoes, sex in advertising is so widespread that you can hardly swing a neutered cat without hitting a half-naked model trying to sell you something. The whole notion that “sex sells” has become an axiom in modern marketing, so much so that it seems like the only “madmen” out there are the ones deliberately avoiding it. But can sex effectively sell something like moral concern? Hamdi gets to the bottom of it by speaking with psychology researcher Dr. Renata Bongiorno from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and PETA Campaign Specialist Ashley Byrne in New York City.

Links:  When Sex Doesn’t Sell: Using Sexualized Images of Women Reduces Support for Ethical Campaigns from PLOS ONE, Why’s PETA’s shock tactics barely make an impact from Brisbane Times, and Does Sex Always Sell? from the University of Queensland.

The Quintessential, Edible Token of My Love

What food, more than any other, reeks of sensuality, indulgence, and pleasure? Why, that devilish desert known as chocolat, of course. As a nod to this week’s sexy theme, Danielle and Yvette ask the question: What’s the most famous aphrodisiac of all? They also explore why every supermarket and drugstore goes overboard with the red, pink, and gold boxes wrapped in cellophane that market love in each edible morsel. Danielle sat down with Jacqueline Jacek of Jacek Chocolate Couture from Sherwood Park, Alberta to find out more.

Aphrodite, Take back Your Aphrodisiacs

Feeling horny? Chocolate ain’t doing the trick in seducing your sweetie? Try some alternative aphrodisiacs! Actually, don’t, because they may come from a certain endangered horned-mammal. Fortunately, the world contains rhino-lovers who devote their time to saving them. Trevor spoke with Toronto-based rhino-lover Greg Gubitz of Canada’s Big Life Foundation, as well as UBC’s Rene Beyers, to find out what they’re doing to save these lovely horny creatures.

Links: “Big Life Foundation’s Rhino Project,  “2013 worst year for rhinos” from BBC

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