Food Frenzy

Three hot dogs on a plate with toppings. (c) Sunbeam60 on Wikipedia.

Routine things we do can be so fraught. For example, eating. In this episode, we talk reducing waste, food trucks, and whether organic, local, non-GMO, etc. is the way to go.

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No Meat Left Behind

Many different cultures have been using… “interesting” parts of the animal in their cooking for a long time now. But the concept is only barely penetrating North American culture, where our appetite for meat revolves around nice, expensive cuts. Brayden Kozak, head chef and co-owner of Three Boars Eatery in Edmonton, aims to make delicious dishes with meat that might seem a little strange to us. The result? For his suppliers, it means less meat that gets thrown out. For his customers, it means unique plates that excite and delight. And for him? It means a very very busy restaurant. Terra Informa’s Carson Fong got a chance to speak with him.

Note: In the audio, Brayden’s name is mis-pronounced as Branden and not Brayden.

Hwkr’s Market

In the middle of a long, cold Canadian winter, how’s a food truck vendor supposed to put food on their table? Well for a few days out of the year, they can sell their tasty wares at an event called the Hawkers Market. Started in Vancouver, Hawkers Market is now hosting events in Calgary too. And last year, they were even holding events in Edmonton.

Danielle Dolgoy and Trevor Chow-Fraser checked it out, almost exactly one year ago.

Jayson Lusk on Food Culture

Jayson Lusk is an agricultural economist at Oklahoma State University. His work tries to understand why people buy the food they do. What makes someone want to buy local, or organic, or just stick with groceries from Walmart?

This is a really important issue for Jayson, as it is for all of us. But he might be sitting on the other side of the fence from some of the other people in today’s episode. That’s because he doesn’t see any inherent good in organic or local food. To him, it’s choice a personal choice we can make.

As an economist, looking from a birds eye view, food policy is already so complicated. Countries are worried about their food security, especially given the environmental inconsistency of farming. And hardly anyone wants to be a farmer or rancher in North America these days. Governments are hard pressed to keep existing mainstream farmers happy and productive.

So for Jayson Lusk, public policy should support modern agriculture. As for those foodies pushing for more local, organic and niche foods? Tune in to find out what he had to say.

What’s Happening

Smart Grid Live Webchat with Environmental Commissioner of Ontario – Tuesday March 2nd @ 2 PM, Toronto ON

The Commissioner will be hosting a live chat to talk about his recent Smart Grid report, and have a discussion of smart grid policy progress in Ontario. Come and learn more about Ontario’s possible sustainable energy future. Topics include selling back to the grid, integration of smart phone applications with power, timing charging of electric vehicles when the price is lowest, among others.

Seedy Saturday – Saturday March 7th from 11 AM – 3PM, Toronto ON

Toronto Urban Growers (TUG) and Greenest City is organizing an event that combines environmental workshops with seed and gardening supply stands. It will be taking place at the Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church: it is fully accessible, and is pay-what-you-can.

Landowner Workshop – Thursday March 5th from 7 PM – 9 PM, Portland ON

If you have some idle land and are interesting in growing a forest on it, there will be a workshop that offers information on forest management and stewardship, tree planting subsidies and other financial incentives for establishing and managing your forests. Forestry experts will provide presentations on topics such as tools for managing your new trees, invasive species, shoreline planting for improved water quality, and more. If you’re interested, register here.

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