Women In Agriculture + Fracking In Fox Creek

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It’s interesting what you can see when you frame it through a different lens. Feeding the world is a problem, but would you have guessed that sexism is part of it? And when you think of earthquakes, do you think of oil and gas? In this episode, we explore the phenomena of food shortages and “seismic events” through these lenses.

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Women in Agriculture

We’re going to have a tough time feeding the world in coming decades. Already, 800 million people are malnourished, according to the UN’s World Food Programme. That’s one in nine people worldwide.

Climate change and water shortages will only make things more difficult. We’ll have to find ways to grow more food. We’ll need more land, new farming techniques, pesticides and seeds.

And we’ll have to strengthen gender equality too. According to the UN, women’s inability to access resources keeps up to 150 million people hungry. In Africa and South America, giving women more say over agriculture could make all the difference. Trevor Chow-Fraser speaks to Dr. Amy Kaler of the University of Alberta, as well as Jane Frances Asaba and Selina Rodriguez from Edmonont’s Lady Flower Garden.

Fracking-Related “Seismic Events”

When you think of earthquakes the first place to come to mind certainly isn’t Alberta, But thats exactly what happened in Fox Creek this year, Gregg Wolff finds out what led to an earthquake in the middle of the prairies, and if fracking had anything to do with it.

What’s Happening

Water City 2040 – March 24 @ 6 PM, Guelph

WaterCity 2040 is a scenario planning initiative that launched last year. It aims to bring community and decision makers together to develop strategies to solve problems the water system may face in the future. Come out to be a part of the 25 year water vision.

Green Neighbours 21 – March 25 @ 7 PM, Toronto

Come out with your ideas about how we can act locally against global warming. The time has come to make real plans to fight this global emergency. The event will be discussion based, and everyone will be able to voice their concerns.

Panel on Environmental Careers – March 26 @ 6 PM, Toronto

The Centre for Social Innovation will be having a discussion panel on Environmental Careers. The panelists will discuss how you can step into the environmental sustainability field. The four panelists come from diverse backgrounds, but they’re all currently working in the field. The panel is put together by the Conservation Council of Ontario along with the Career Skills Incubator. Note that due to overwhelming demand, seating will be on a first come first served basis, so arrive early!

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